Boost Candidate Engagement With Insight-Based Content

Once you’ve established your ideal candidate for each pipeline or role and created a rich candidate persona, you can define your content strategy and build a plan. Leverage insights to develop content that truly resonates with each segment to drive engagement and conversion. Think about how you can spark an emotional reaction to establish a genuine connection.

Take into account all the research you carried out to define the most relevant channels and formats for your audience. Let’s look at some examples:

– Junior marketing and sales personas

  • They are active on social media, so you might opt for a content strategy across channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram
  • They like quick, easy-to-consume content so you might share short, eye-catching videos.

– Senior finance role

  • This audience prefers more formal communication channels, such as email.
  • Reports and white papers hold more value for them.

You should also consider how frequently you deliver content to each audience. Allowing candidates to define cadence can be hugely beneficial for driving candidate engagement. Some people will be happy to hear from you more frequently, whereas others might be put off by how often you contact them. With the right candidate relationship management solution, you can set up your communications campaigns to run automatically. So once you’ve created the content and set the schedule, technology can do the rest.

We're changing our way of thinking. We've moved away from a transactional, one-time interaction with candidates, to fostering fruitful relationships over time with ongoing outreaches.

Marvin Smith

Talent Engagement Strategist

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Avature Advantage

Personalize your communications to keep talent engaged:

  • Identify valuable content for each subgroup
  • Define a content strategy
  • Use Avature’s search and segmentation capabilities to segment your candidates
  • Automate your communication campaigns with Avature workflows and email templates to save time and take the burden out of the process
  • Looking to configure drip campaigns that trigger different content to be sent depending on candidate behavior? Discover Avature CRM.

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90%open rate

Lockheed Martin achieved a 90 percent open rate, with 38 individuals responsive to their email outreaches and 13 invited for an interview from a single campaign.

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51% click-through rate

A Fortune 500 company achieved an 83 percent open and 51 percent click-through rate by letting candidates choose communication frequency.

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