Set up Talent Pipelines that Reflect Anticipated Hiring Plans

When you’re under the pressure of high-volume recruiting it can sometimes feel like you’re continuously on the backfoot. But, if you can free up some time to develop talent pipelines based on criteria that reflect your anticipated hiring plans – not just open positions – you’ll find it much easier to get ahead with sourcing.

When it comes to creating a talent pipeline, start simple! For example, build one per area of interest (this should reflect your departments or business functions e.g. tech talent pipeline). You can then add more specific criteria over time, such as seniority, target companies or diversity-related indicators.

Once you’ve segmented your audience and identified your pipelines, you can start creating target-specific landing pages and sending relevant content to leads. Make sure that all content is mobile-optimized. Eighty percent of searches start on job seekers’ phones.

After joining a talent community, people expect to hear from you on a regular basis. You can maintain a steady flow of communication and deliver a great candidate experience without burdening recruiters by building a workflow that takes advantage of automation. Think about sending company updates, learning materials or perhaps a happy birthday message that help keep your organization front of mind – even for passive candidates.

Developing candidate pools is the #2 TA driver and 2.6x more influential than 14 other drivers on TA performance.


Avature Advantage

Showcase your brand with Avature Career Sites

  • Give candidates an idea of what it’s like to work at your company.
  • Provide a sleek, individualized online experience.

– Build landing pages tailored towards each talent pipeline. As candidates join your talent pool, automate the initial communications in order to:

  • Leverage personalized automation and avoid delays.
  • Keep your pipelines engaged over time.

Clean and update your talent pools with Portal Access Requests:

  • Ask your contacts to inform their personal information and work status.
  • Automate this outreach, for example every six months, to confirm they’re still interested and to keep their information fresh.
Recruiting is all about pipelining and getting the best people. I need to stay in front of those people until the timing is right. With Avature, I can get resumes in the system really easily. Reporting and analytics makes it easy to see where our recruiting process can be improved.

Steve Kimball

Director of Recruiting & Global Operations, EMC

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ABB uses Avature to improve their sourcing capabilities and build pipelines for critical talent ahead of demand.

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A US credit agency leveraged Avature to create talent pools and then targeted four key pipelines with marketing campaigns. They achieved average open rates above 30 percent.

80%decrease in time to offer

Siemens decreased time to offer by 80 percent by pipelining passive candidates with Avature and targeting then with recruitment marketing.

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