Avature AI Technology

Free your teams from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on high value-added activities.

Avature’s robust AI program is built on over a decade of experience with text processing, semantics and machine learning. Our strong investment in R&D ensures that you have access to cutting-edge tech.

Avature AI focuses on recruiting and retention-specific issues and challenges

Deliver a better experience to every stakeholder by automating away common roadblocks

Supplement the knowledge of less experienced recruiters with AI

Save time with a system that rates and finds you the best talent among the millions stored in your database

Ensure AI doesn’t introduce bias into decision making thanks to a transparent system

Why Avature

As the AI-powered HR transformation dawns upon the industry, the most important thing to understand is that artificial intelligence is only as good as the data it relies on. Thanks to our long history of working shoulder to shoulder with over 650 enterprise-level organizations, we’ve accumulated a wealth of data that allows us to build systems that can safely and reliably make accurate predictions.

Using state-of-the-art neural networks and machine learning, Avature AI empowers you to concentrate your people resources where they deliver the highest ROI – engaging directly with talented people inside and outside your company.

  • Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) team already has 8+ years of experience developing software created specifically to address talent acquisition and talent management challenges.
  • Avature lets you see and customize how the system makes decisions at all times so Artificial Intelligence is always under your control; a whitebox, not a blackbox, approach.
  • A roadmap driven by our clients’ needs and designed in cooperation with them. Our developing priorities are set in partnership with you.

A Glimpse Into the Features Enabled by Our AI Technology

Our Semantic Search engine understands what you are looking for and expands search queries intelligently with industry-specific terminology that normally take years to learn on the job.

Search by Meaning, Not Keywords

Thanks to an extensive use of deep-learning, instead of looking for exact word matches, our system understands their intent.

Customize on the Fly

Add or remove suggested job titles and skills, or turn off semantic search altogether, with just a couple of clicks.

Turbo-Charged Boolean Search

Advanced users can combine the power of boolean search and our semantic engine to find candidates with pinpoint precision.

Save recruiters tens of hours a week with a system that intelligently scores candidates and employees based on the qualifications you set for each position.

Automatic Shortlists

Instantly find the best talent in your database for any position, based on their skills, resume and the requirements of the job.

Custom AI Models

Our in-house AI models are designed and trained specifically for HR, and can be customized to match your unique recruiting needs.

Find Similar

Select a person you know is perfect for the role and Avature will find you candidates or employees with similar qualifications and skills to fill it.

Deliver an Amazon-like experience to candidates and employees by nudging them in the right direction with personalized recommendations in both internal and external career sites

Suggestions based on candidate’s skills and resume information

Our platform can infer skills from resumes and recommends openings based on how likely they’re to be a good fit

Recommendations based on their browsing history

Career sites take into account users’ behavior online, analyze it and provide recommendations based on what they’re interested in

Bias-free AI technology

To keep explicit bias from creeping into your business, our AI models don’t take personal identifiable information or protected class information into account

Recruiters spend on average over 20 percent of their time scheduling interviews — automating it frees your recruiters to focus on higher value-added tasks


A system that automatically finds a fitting time for all attendees based on their availability and that enables recruiters to track the interview status of all relevant stakeholders

Workflow integration

Because scheduling is built into the Avature platform, you can integrate and combine it with all other forms of Avature automation

Time-slot portal

Stakeholders can select their preferred time themselves. This also allows candidates to self-schedule their own interviews

Industry Leaders in Action

"We knew we wanted to create efficiencies, lead with data, be diligent and establish benchmarks. With Avature this was possible. The recruiters particularly loved the automation, it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire."

Shanna Buxton
Recruiting Operations Manager, REI

The Future of HR

Many day-to-day administrative and operational tasks can be fully automated with current demonstrated technologies, yet the ROI on recruiting and performance management technology is unlike any other: The productivity of HR teams has a multiplicative effect that ripples through the entire company.