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Our advanced neural networks power natural language processing, matching and predicting features designed to unlock the potential of your users. Suggest the perfect job to candidates, improve search capability, build short lists of anonymous candidates based on skills, and improve forecasting using our customizable “white-box” approach to enterprise AI.

Discover the Benefits of AI-powered Technology

Deliver a better candidate experience by matching candidates with jobs more accurately.

Supplement recruiter knowledge and optimize sourcing with semantic search.

Use smart automation to save on time and lower your operating costs.

Minimize the potential for AI bias and errors with an open and transparent system.

Our Experience Matters

Avature’s robust platform-native AI is supported by a decade of experience with multi-lingual text processing, semantics and machine learning. Our strong investment in R&D ensures that our platform remains on the leading edge of intelligent enterprise software, while our knowledge base – one forged through years of working shoulder to shoulder with over 650 enterprise-level organizations – allows us to build algorithms that can safely and reliably make accurate predictions that improve the experience of all users.

Avature is the ideal choice for companies looking to systematically deploy AI to a variety of talent-related data processing tasks across the enterprise.

A Robust Set of AI Features for Modern Recruiting

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

Semantic Search

Boolean search is powerful, but finding what you want still requires a degree of expertise not all users have. Driven by deep learning, our semantic engine understands user intent and intelligently expands search queries via relevant industry-specific terminology. Users can add or remove suggested job titles and skills with one click.

Beyond turning search novices into experts, semantic search corrects spelling errors, allows users to search by commonly described regions, like “Bay Area,” and compensates for lack of fluency in a language. Semantic Search can now be used to search our Job Board partners’ systems too.

Ranked Shortlists

Automatically build a list of the best candidates to any job based on skills and work history, or identify an ideal candidate and ask the system to find similar candidates. Either way, recruiters are always working with short lists of qualified people. And because our scoring and matching algorithms are built in-house, they are fully explainable and can be optimized to match your unique recruiting needs.

Career Site Suggestions

Deliver a consumer-grade experience in both internal and external career sites with user-specific job suggestions in order to increase conversion rates and improve pipeline quality. Suggestions are based on skills, job titles, and career progression. Importantly, our AI models do not use personally identifiable information or protected-class information to make their suggestions.

Scheduling Automation

The Avature Platform can automatically find a time for all interview attendees based on their availability, or Hiring Managers can select their preferred time and allow candidates to self-schedule on a portal based on the times made available to them.

Easily generate reports on interviews set up, canceled, rescheduled, and completed by date, time, recruiter, manager or candidate. Because scheduling is built-in to the Avature platform, it works seamlessly with other Avature automation features, such as workflows.

Automate with Purpose

Many day-to-day administrative and operational tasks can be fully automated, yet the ROI on recruiting and talent management technology is unlike any other. The productivity of HR teams has an exponential impact that ripples through the entire company.

Industry Leaders in Action

Avature has an algorithm that has about 28 factors that customers like us could use and tweak if you will, to create recommendations that are absolutely relevant for our talent. Having 28 factors to choose from helps you really fine-tune an algorithm rather than have it like a black-box solution that you don’t fully understand how it works.

Pranav Chadha
Senior Technical Product Manager, Deutsche Telekom

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