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Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and recruiting automation have the power to transform how your talent acquisition team carries out day-to-day tasks, resulting in increased efficiency. AI capabilities, such as Semantic Search enhanced by natural language processing (NLP), can drastically improve the search experience and power broader but more accurate results, based on a better understanding of your search intent and the contextual meaning of terms.

But you should carry out due diligence when it comes to selecting AI recruiting software. Many technology providers outsource their AI capabilities rather than developing them in-house. Without an in-depth understanding of what makes the technology tick, problems such as bias pervade which can have serious implications when it comes to talent acquisition. So opt for a white-box approach that gives you complete control.

Automation frees people up to focus on strategic activities, rather than tedious, administrative tasks. Time is a finite resource and talent acquisition teams tend to be operating against the clock on a continuous basis. An automated hiring process can really help release the pressure. And if done correctly, candidates won’t even notice that technology is taking care of the grunt work for recruiters.

Take automated recruitment marketing as an example. Using personalization and smart segmentation, you can deliver highly relevant content to individual candidates without spending hours curating content. Automation can also be the silver bullet for solving the infamous interview scheduling challenge. Once hiring managers share their availability, candidates can self-schedule a time that works for them without any back and forth for the recruiter.

Avature works in the background and lets us focus on building relationships as we help our clients attract candidates, make the right hires and retain the best talent.

Annie Hammer

VP, Global Emerging Technology & Projects

Avature Advantage

– Concerned about transparency and visibility in AI? So are we. Meet Avature’s whitebox AI:

  • Users keep control of how the AI system operates, always.
  • Built for scale.
  • Never compromise the security of your data.

Improve the accuracy of your results with Semantic Search, as it understands both the meaning of the terms you searched for as well as the context they appear in. Go one step beyond the average Boolean search and discover those candidates that would have previously gone unnoticed.

Find Similar lets you find profiles in your database that are similar to your top candidates — another AI-based Avature functionality.

– Design a fully automated hiring process:

Automating engagement has allowed our team to focus on fostering relationships and credibility with our business and building lasting connections with our candidates. Essentially, automated engagement has allowed us to elevate the ‘human’ aspect of human resources.

Edward Días

Assistant Vice President, Recruitment Intelligence & Innovation

Client Resources

Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are leveraging recruiting AI and automation with Avature to get ahead in talent acquisition.

A Forbes 1000 financial company has fully automated the hiring process of insurance sales agents across the US with Avature – including nightly scheduled searches and scheduled email campaigns – to find, source and hire.

Novo Nordisk partnered with Avature to automate the tedious interview scheduling process for their huge interview day events that involve over 300 graduates. Automated engagement helps to keep candidates engaged in the run-up.

Avature automation maximizes interviewers’ time and simplifies recruiters’ work by generating all available combinations of consecutive interviews for one of the ‘big three’ management consultancies.

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