Personalize Candidate Engagement From End-to-End

From the first contact with the candidate to the final acceptance or rejection letter, personalizing the process is non-negotiable. Not only that, but it’s become standard practice, especially as we increasingly take advantage of technology to automate candidate engagement. But how to improve candidate engagement? Make sure to address candidates by name in all communications, and try to personalize contact further by referencing other relevant factors, such as job title, employer or geographic location.

In many instances, candidates can’t determine whether they’re interacting with a person or robot, so humanize your approach and create a positive impact by including the recruiter’s profile and photo on emails from the initial engagement.

You should also add recruiting team images and ideally hiring manager names and bios on your career site and landing pages. More than half (56 percent) of candidates say that they’re more likely to respond if a hiring manager reaches out to them than a recruiter. When it comes to the rejection process, continue to demonstrate a human touch by sending rejected candidates who have reached a certain level in the process a thank you gift, such as a discount code, or even just a little note to say ‘we appreciate the time you’ve spent with us’.

Delivering a personalized candidate experience on your careers site, by recommending jobs based on factors such as an individual’s historical data, search history or location, can be an easy way to impress potential candidates and drive conversion.

Avature Advantage

– Personalize your Avature email templates and text messages, including the candidates name, position title, employer and location.

– Build multiple and personalized templates for one campaign with email variants.

– Add multimedia assets to any Avature landing page or email.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Why is candidate engagement important? Check out the results that having a candidate engagement plan has had for these industry leaders!

100kportal visits in one year

An American telecommunications giant achieved 100,000 portal visits in one year, 12,000 applicants and 1800 hires after adding sourced candidates to a customized workflow and sending them VIP email invites.

Lockheed Martin’s drip campaigns are two to six times more successful than industry benchmarks due to audience-specific content and email variants based on candidate behaviour.

Personalize Candidate Engagement in Recruitment to Deliver Better Results!

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