Make Sure Your Talent Acquisition Metrics Are Aligned With Stakeholder Needs

With so much information available, you need to make sure that the recruiting metrics you’re leveraging to build your data reports are reliable and relevant. It’s not always straightforward to decide which metrics you need to report on. Chat to your stakeholder groups and take the time to understand the data they’re interested in and the underlying reasons.

  • For TA teams, an awareness of which source of hire is most lucrative when it comes to delivering the most qualified talent can help them focus their efforts and become more efficient.
  • On the other hand, leadership teams are likely to be more interested in high-level stats that show overall performance, including cost per hire and time to fill, individual contributions and diversity.

If the value of your reports is immediately obvious to your stakeholders, this will in turn help them understand the value of data hygiene and help you keep your data sound.

And don’t forget about candidates, they are stakeholders too! For example, many candidates are interested in knowing how diverse your workforce is. By embedding that data into your talent communities and career sites, you’re helping them understand how welcoming your company is.

Once you have worked with stakeholders to understand their needs, build a robust data model and reports based upon these goals. Make sure you share talent acquisition metrics best practices with your stakeholders to ensure that they analyze and use the data correctly so it has a positive impact on the recruiting and hiring process.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Check out how these industry leaders are aligning their stakeholders needs with talent acquisition metrics that change the game for everyone involved.

80hours per week saved

Since implementing dashboard data reporting, Metro Bank has been able to save 80 hours a week because their recruiters no longer have to compile updates for managers.

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Avature’s Hiring Manager portal has become the go-to platform for OpenText’s hiring managers to get access to and visibility on candidates, where they are in the process, feedback, metrics and more.

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