Share the Right Recruitment Metrics with the Right Stakeholders

The power in the data you’ve collected lies in your ability to analyze it and optimize processes accordingly. Stakeholders are much more likely to take recruitment reporting metrics into account if they can clearly understand trends and results at a glance, rather than having to spend hours delving into extensive spreadsheets. Visualize recruitment and hiring data in personalized dashboards that provide different stakeholders with real-time access to the metrics they are interested in.

When it comes to measuring recruiter performance, we have found that it’s essential to measure individual, as well as team results, versus your target by using the right segmentation filters. And to do this consistently over time. A good way to start is by taking a look at the recruiter funnel and comparing recruiters’ efficiency moving candidates through the process. This is key for accountability, motivation and transparency.

The dashboards have been a game changer. It's really hard to keep up with compliance and making sure that people are doing their job correctly. Recruiters have a compliance dashboard, a sourcing dashboard, a jobs dashboard. It helps to stay organized, definitely."

Cara Perlow HR Technology Manager

Avature Advantage

  • Avature’s reporting framework provides a number of built-in reports and standard dashboards around the recruiter funnel and individual sourcer effectiveness. You can build your own reports using the List Builder or take it up a notch by creating more visual reports via the custom report builder. 
  • With scheduled Avature report exports, you can ensure that every stakeholder can keep track of key metrics and analytics, even if they don’t have access to the Avature platform. This leads to transparency, visibility and even collaboration among teams.
  • You can also share a specific list by creating a shareable url. Once received, this can easily be exported to an excel for instance.
  • Use Privacy settings and access restrictions for role-based reporting
  • Real-time dashboards that can be configured by role

Industry Leaders in Action

From time to hire to offer acceptance rate, check out how these industry leaders are delivering the right recruiting and hiring metrics to the right stakeholders to improve talent acquisition operations and results.

Metro Bank created role-specific dashboards, including for specialists, high-volume, and admins. Users can quickly and clearly see key information and actions they need to take in one place, increasing productivity.

Walmart created an executive hiring portal with Avature. It maps out critical goals, improves communications and has clear global leadership-related metrics. Custom reports reduce the number of clicks for smoother experience.

Encompass Health uses recruiter activity reports to track where new leads are coming from at events, number of interviews and number of hires per recruiter. Leadership can now easily see if and when a recruiter needs help.

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