Give Candidate Feedback in a Timely Manner

Sixty-three percent of candidates feel that employers do not communicate adequately and more than half report that employers never keep them informed about their application status. Being left in the dark is one of the key frustrations for candidates. So many of us have applied to a role only to be left forever wondering the outcome of our efforts or where we went wrong. While how to give feedback to interview candidates may feel tricky, especially how to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates, not letting talent know the status of their application is a needless source of stress and can have a detrimental impact on their perception of your organization, which can damage you in the long run.

To combat this issue, you should consider including a “Your Profile” tab within your career marketplace where candidates can see the status of any ongoing applications, any feedback from a recruiter or hiring manager, as well as enabling them to take actions like scheduling an interview or withdrawing an application, apart from the option to delete their profile or information altogether.

Avature Advantage

Trigger automated emails sent at specific points during the process to keep candidates in the loop and ensure the hiring experience you’d like to deliver with Avature workflows.

– Save recruiters time and protect your employer brand by creating a library of email templates with pre-approved messaging.

– Personalize your communications!

  • Replace generic information with specific details such as :
    • [PersonFirstName]
    • [Position Title]
  • Ensure your message is relevant for each talent segment by using Avature variants: this can be the candidate’s country or preferred language of communications. You could also create different templates depending on candidates’ area of interest, major or even workflow step.

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Industry Leaders in Action

See how giving candidate feedback has helped these industry giants transform the candidate experience and produce hard-hitting results.

70%click-through rate achieved

Cisco invites silver medalists to join its talent community where 70-80 percent of candidates opt in. Its drip campaign has a 65-70 percent click-through rate.

Cisco logo.

Laitram uses job-specific questionnaires to screen candidates. Unsuccessful candidates are informed via automated, yet personalized, emails thanking them for applying.

Laitram logo.

100%response rate acheived

L’Oréal responds to 100 percent of their million applications thanks to Avature automation tools. This has a hugely positive impact on their employer brand as no one feels ghosted.

L'Oreal logo.

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