Offer Access to a Talent Network

Just because a candidate is browsing your site, doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to apply for a job straight away. They might not be ready to move on yet or maybe they like your organization but don’t see an interesting job match at the moment. Instead of losing the momentum and opportunity, offering the option to sign up to a talent network community can be a great way for you to capture a potential future hire’s information. For them, it’s an easy and fast way to express interest and stay up-to-date.


When candidates receive relevant information, they are more likely to take action and to identify with your employer brand. By asking areas of interest during the sign-up process, talent networks help you segment interested potential applicants, allowing you to provide targeted information to them later on, such as industry newsletters, job alerts and event invitations. Encouraging rejected applicants to join your talent community can also help to ease the blow of not being chosen in that instance and allow you to remain in touch and keep them in the loop when there is a relevant opening in the future.

Avature Advantage

Create impressive landing pages with visual identity using the Avature Landing Page Builder. Add rich media content and customize the content on the fly.

Nudge people to join your talent network by designing a user friendly form using Avature’s customizable data fields.

  • Define the information you want to collect.
  • Pick the length of the form on display.
  • Keep evolving your segmentation criteria.

– Create segmented landing pages for specific audiences, such as military or students, or based on:

  • Geographical location
  • Different departments

Share your landing pages on social networks like Twitter or Facebook directly from Avature’s backend, and track the most effective sources with unique URLs.

Trigger automatic actions as soon as leads sign up, such as:

  • Segmenting them.
  • Sending personalized and targeted email or SMS outreaches.
  • Adding them to a data privacy workflow to ask for their consent.

Automate the grunt work with Avature’s customizable workflows and design the -candidate engagement experience you’d like to deliver.

Industry Leaders in Action

See the results for yourself! Check out what companies with talent communities have achieved with Avature.

KPMG created an award-winning content-rich career site with Avature, together with multimedia content, talent community sign-up and practice.

Sky set up forty different talent networks within its Avature CRM and – with a sourcing and talent community development strategy – got 3,300 candidates to sign up in just three months.

Dell wanted to increase the number of African-American engineers that applied to its organization, so it built a diversity pipeline and created a social media campaign with impressive results.

Attract and Engage Candidates In Your Talent Communities!

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