Eliminate Tedious and Time-Consuming Tasks with Recruiting Automation

The ability to automate the recruitment process and simplify operations means that employees can be used to their full potential and where they can add the most value. Rather than losing time on administrative tasks, people can focus on strategic activities that not only have a bigger business impact, but can also drive engagement and increase job satisfaction. 

Automate searches on a regular basis so you can identify and engage new leads at scale. Your recruiters can thus spend their time nurturing the most qualified and interested talent in your pipelines as soon as they come into the office. You can also dramatically speed up the recruitment process by incorporating automated pre-screening questions into the process, so recruiters only spend time on qualified candidates.

It means our team can operate more strategically, instead of administratively. Our team can focus on finding the right talent, based on experience and future potential, rather than just checking off a list of necessary skills and knowledge.”

Edward Dias

Assistant Vice President, Recruitment Intelligence & Innovation

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Avature Advantage

– Meet Avature Workflows

  • Create and automate any process you need to put into action and reach your goals.
  • Think about setting up drip campaigns to keep candidates warm or swiftly moving applicants down the recruiting funnel and keeping them up-to-date on their journey,
  • Benefits include saving TA staff invaluable time and providing talent with a better experience via timely communications.

– With Avature WebSources you can schedule regular searches of multiple job boards and your database, link top discovered talent to specific pipelines and automate the initial engagement outreach.

Automate pre-screening questions on landing pages to identify the leads you want to go after.

  • Rate candidates based on answers.
  • Benefit from an automated initial assessment.
  • No candidate is eliminated at this stage — just rated!

– Alternatively, guide your recruiters by creating a form with pre-screening questions they can easily fill out.

– Allow candidates to self-schedule pre-screen conversations, interviews and attendance to events — meet Avature Interview Scheduling.

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7.3 hours saved a week

CBRE’s sourcing team went from spending 7.3 hours a week performing reference checks to zero hours by building all their actions into fully automated Avature workflows.

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An American food company that has over eight million candidates in its Avature instance uses automation capabilities to seek, source and hire sales agents across the US. 


KPMG automated 100 percent of its talent acquisition-related hiring with a custom workflow and streamlined import service, saving recruiters valuable time and work.

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Automate the Recruitment Process Today to Give Your Recruiters Time and Space to Engage and Nurture Top Talent!

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