Format and Structure Data in a Consistent Way to Avoid Gaps in Your Talent Acquisition Analytics

Data consistency makes it possible to generate accurate and actionable information for data-driven decision-making. For data in talent recruiting and hiring to be reliable, it requires volume. If you keep changing the way you measure metrics, it’s highly likely that your reporting will become inaccurate, skewed or meaningless. 

After you’ve defined reporting objectives as part of your talent acquisition strategy, make sure that you’ve considered the best way to collate and represent the data and stick to that method going forward. You can ensure consistency by using data validation options. For example:

  • Using number fields for numerical values that need to fit a certain range or have a minimum value, as opposed to using free text fields.
  • Use a single option or multiple select fields to track information that needs to be standardized.
Avature has a clean aesthetic and has features that have modernized our recruitment team. I enjoy being able to customize fields to fit our needs, from building forms to the reporting functionality of lists.”

Jillian Toda-Currie

Marketing Outreach Coordinator

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Avature Advantage

– Ensure uniform data collection with easy-to-design Avature Forms:

  • Standardize fields in line with your data model so data is collected consistently across your team and over time.
  • Use single and multiple options instead of free text fields to structure your data.
  • Take some time to decide the best way to display the information with clarity, accuracy and relevancy. Avature custom reports provide chart options you can leverage to highlight variables in groups, lists, geographical locations, categories, among others.
  • In the case of bar charts particularly, Avature lets you add a reference line for you to compare your current outcomes with the expected ones.

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