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Under the pressure of high-volume hiring, your focus might be on filling positions quickly, rather than on delivering a positive candidate experience. With time at a premium, it can certainly seem like an overwhelming challenge. But it’s widely acknowledged that the impact of disgruntled candidates can have serious repercussions – not only on your employer brand but on your bottom line.

With the right technology, personalized automation ensures that candidates feel valued without their experience becoming a huge burden on recruiters. Think about what kind of content might be relevant throughout the process. For example, you could share top interview tips or employees’ interview stories prior to an interview to show candidates you really are interested in their success.

Not everyone will be successful, and managing rejection is critical. You might want to set up a reminder to send interview feedback to candidates a few days later. Ninety-four percent of talent want to receive interview feedback. If it’s constructive, candidates are four times more likely to re-apply to your company in the future.

If you can’t send individual feedback, you should still leverage automated emails to let unsuccessful applicants know that they haven’t been lucky this time. No one likes to be ghosted, and simply knowing what’s going on can help to maintain positive sentiment towards your employer brand.

But it’s important to consider timing. It’s cruel to reject someone immediately so set up your communication to go out a couple of days after the decision has been made. Consider setting up email marketing campaigns for rejected candidates to let them know about similar open positions in the future.

Avature Advantage

– Deliver the recruiting experience you design with highly configurable Avature workflows:

  • Set up automatic step updates triggered by specific actions. Create great candidate experience by avoiding delays with no extra work.
  • Tailor your messages for every stage of the application process with Avature email templates and personal tags.
  • Save your talent acquisition team lots of time by having a list of pre-approved messages and templates at the ready.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are using Avature to design a seamless candidate experience.

L’Oréal receives nearly 1 million resumes a year, so it integrated chatbot Mya into Avature to help assess candidates’ basic skills and information. It helps them access profiles they may have missed before.

Metro Bank in the UK achieved a 100 percent response rate to 75,000 applications by using the Avature automation features.

Laitram uses job-specific questionnaires to screen candidates and sends an automated, yet personalized, email thanking unsuccessful applicants for applying and informing them that they will not be considered.

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