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You might be dealing with thousands of applicants when it comes to high-volume recruiting, but making sure every candidate feels valued can have a hugely beneficial impact on your employer brand, and ultimately your bottom line. Disgruntled candidates often take their business elsewhere. At scale, this can cost you millions, as a leading media company found out before switching to Avature.

Think about how you can leverage personalized automation to make candidates feel valued without it becoming a huge burden for your talent acquisition team. Here is what we recommend when it comes to the candidate screening process:

  • Use Pre-Screening Questions in Your Sign-Up Form: Curate an elite talent community by adding some straightforward knockout or weighted questions to hone in on the most qualified candidates’ at speed.
  • Filter by Hot, Warm and Cold Leads: Put candidates in different talent pools based on their total score.
  • Save Recruiters Time With Knockout Questions: As well as using these when people sign up to your talent community, automatically eliminating under-qualified candidates with predefined questions enables recruiters to focus on the best talent.
  • Add Third-Party Assessments: Integrate with third-party vendors to run very specific assessments as part of the application process.
  • Tap Into the Power of Video: Use recorded interviews to replace phone and on-site screening and avoid the burden of scheduling. You can save even more time by selecting pre-recorded questions specifically targeted to assess if a candidate would be a good fit for your open position.
  • Leverage Views to Visualize Feedback: Make it easy for recruiters to evaluate candidates from a single view that groups together all information (including pre-screening questions, third-party assessments, etc.)
  • Automate Outreach: Optimize your approach and tailor engagement depending on candidate score. For example, if someone is identified as a hot lead or strong candidate, trigger a task for a recruiter to reach out to them. Whereas warm leads or rejected candidates might fall into an automated engagement schedule with pre-defined nurturing emails.
Thinking about sourcing and candidate engagement before Avature, with spreadsheets and manual emails, the tracking difficulties, it seems like ancient history.

Coral Zelachowski

Recruitment Manager - Strategic Sourcing

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Avature Advantage

Automate the engagement process with Avature Workflows:

  • Create email templates that showcase your employer brand.
  • Define your communication plan and bring your tailored experience to life with Avature drip campaigns.
  • Leave everything ready to go via workflow automation.

– Evaluate online leads automatically:

  • Pre-set your candidate evaluation criteria.
  • Link candidate screening forms to pipelines or jobs.
  • Let Avature filter your leads.

– Leverage the Avature Recommendations tab in job records, powered by Avature AI:

  • Uncover potential candidates you might have missed otherwise.
  • Assess their relevance using the matching score that considers similarities between the candidate’s experience and skills and the position.

– Save valuable time with Avature Recorded On-Demand Interviews

  • Recruiters and hiring managers can select from a list of pre-recorded questions in Avature’s configurable questions library.
  • Candidates record their answers at their convenience and internal stakeholders can review them when they have time.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are leveraging Avature to identify top talent faster with candidate screening strategies.

73%of applicants screened during interview

A US outdoors retailer’s TA team was tasked with hiring over 20 employees for a new flagship store. They majorly reduced their shortlist by screening out 522 candidates – 73 percent of applicants – with knockout questions.

82%of candidates interviewed

Hiring managers at a French food and facilities management company interview 82 percent of candidates presented to them – a clear sign of the quality of the screening process set-up within Avature.

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