Get Your Team to Embrace Data and Talent Acquisition Analytics

Collecting data is just the first step in keeping track of ROI. If it’s not easy for stakeholders to understand and visualize the information you have on record, it’s almost useless for you to be measuring operations. The power in the data lies in your ability to visualize it with clarity, analyze it, share it with relevant stakeholders and optimize processes accordingly.

Create dashboards for different stakeholders that bring personalized metrics to life in an engaging, user-friendly way. That way everyone can access real-time information that is relevant to them, keep track of the overall process and make data-driven decisions rather than shy away from the data.

A dashboard with metrics such as new leads, number of hires from talent pool, pipeline conversion and hires by source.
I decided to make a strategic shift to a more dynamic and powerful system that could collect and interpolate more candidate information as well as recruiter activity-based data. Having more data in the system meant more intelligent reporting and improved analysis capabilities – enabling us to make informed and timely decisions.”

Kim Van Orman


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Avature Advantage

– Ensure every stakeholder can keep track of key metrics and analytics with scheduled Avature report exports. They don’t even need access to the platform! And you gain transparency, visibility and collaboration among teams.

  • Besides exporting the reports, share them with all their original filters applied to bring attention at a glance to the data you want to highlight at that moment.

Access data easily with Avature Analytics and Reporting, designed to make data accessible and motivating for all users, and no longer something daunting or too complex. Data is only useful if it’s understandable and actionable!

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Industry Leaders in Action

Learn how useful data and talent acquisition analytics have encouraged user adoption for these industry leaders. 

Visibility on time to fill is important for ABB, so the metric is displayed on its day-to-day dashboard for sourcers with other KPIs, including new leads, current pipelines and email campaign performance. 

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With Avature, Metro Bank created a number of role-specific dashboards, including for specialists, high-volume and admins, so users can quickly and clearly see all key information – increasing productivity.

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By having visibility and leveraging data analytics, CBRE was able to increase the percentage of female applicants for leadership positions by 10 percent.

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Empower Your Team to Improve Results and Decision-Making With Visual and Accessible Talent Acquisition Analytics!

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