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Analytic Services

Our data scientists and reporting analysts can build reports for you or help you design your reports using Avature’s Custom Report Builder. This tool allows you to build customized reports that can include multiple charts, drill-downs to other report views and calculations based on your data model. The Analytic Services Team can also deliver training so your team can confidently build sophisticated, informative and visually appealing reports.

UAT Services

User acceptance testing is often the most overlooked and underestimated phase of any implementation. Our dedicated UAT specialists help you plan, create, mobilize, and support stakeholders as they test your configuration against their requirements. A well-executed UAT program allows you to confidently accept the work we performed during your implementation. Clear the path to go live and build the necessary momentum to kick off user training and related change management initiatives.

Performance Services

Our Performance Team is available on demand during implementation and throughout the term of service. They can run simulations on your configuration and model performance based on the prevailing usage patterns in your production instances, allowing you to understand how your configuration design decisions impact your user communities worldwide.

Data Transformation & Migration Services

Avature has over a decade of experience managing large data migrations from popular legacy HR systems such as Taleo, Kenexa, Salesforce and SuccessFactors, as well as from custom-built systems. Our dedicated team of specialists is adept at migrating disparate data sets from multiple sources composed of fielded data and related documents. With access to the built-in data cleansing and deduplication tools of the Avature platform, they can take complex projects from start to finish in a matter of days.

Integrations Services

Our Integration analysts are available to scope, develop and support a wide array of integrations. Avature’s open-market policy ensures that you can integrate with your vendors of choice, allowing you to create your custom ecosystem. Using Avature Junction, a workflow-driven, configurable, no-code framework, testing cycles are shorter and integrations get done quicker. Junction supports data transformation, routing and containerized orchestration of large, high-frequency payloads securely, with high redundancy. Monitoring is done by the integrations specialists that built the integration throughout the term of service.

Choose from over 200 off-the-shelf integrations, including multiple variations for the most common vendors, or request a sophisticated custom integration. Customers choosing the do-it-yourself approach to integrations using our Custom Endpoints REST APIs can also request integration guidance from this team.


The Avature Studio Team has worked with some of the world’s most exciting employer brands and creative agencies to develop ground-breaking experiences for every stakeholder. The team’s services range from conceptual design to complete build specifications, including usability and accessibility assessments across multiple browsers and devices.

Custom Portals

Typically engaged through our Consultants, the Portals Team builds specially designed sites on our portal or mobile app framework to provide bespoke experiences for defined user communities. They can work with third-party style specifications or with specifications developed by Avature Studio.