Take Advantage of Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

Smart automation and AI in recruiting have been a hot topic for a while now, and for good reason. Firms at the top of their game utilize smart automation to identify and engage talent faster because the technology has the power to transform how your talent acquisition team carries out day-to-day tasks, resulting in increased efficiency. Recruiting AI capabilities, such as Semantic Search and machine learning, can drastically improve the search experience and power much broader but accurate results, based on a better understanding of your search intent and the contextual meaning of terms. 

Avature Advantage

– Let Avature suggest suitable find similar candidates through our AI-powered Recommended Candidates feature. A list of potential fits is displayed in a dashlet in the job requisition and includes a relevance score.

– Find candidates that would have previously gone unnoticed through a traditional Boolean Search — discover Avature Semantic Search.

– Expand the reach of your searches with Avature Find Similar.

  • Choose a candidate profile.
  • The system analyzes it considering many different factors.
  • It then suggests similar profiles in both your database and external job boards.

– Leverage the most configurable workflow engine in the market to bring any process to life. Avature automation will take care of its execution.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Check out how smart automation and AI technology is helping these industry leaders stay ahead of the game with Avature and transforming the candidate and employee experience.

10,000candidates per night

A Fortune 1000 financial company sifts through roughly 10,000 candidates every night using Avature’s smart tools, saved searches and a predefined filter criteria.

1.5million applications

L’Oréal receives 1.5 million applications every year, so needed the help of technology to screen candidates. Avature smart automation makes it easy for them to find the ones with the most potential and to respond to all applicants. 

L'Oreal logo.

Learn How Smart Automation and AI in Recruiting Can Help You Find Your Top Talent and Improve the Employee Experience For Your HR Teams!

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