Reinforce Your Employer Brand Across Every Touchpoint

As they carry out research on your organization, candidates are likely to come into contact with your employer brand across multiple channels. Ensuring consistent branding across all touchpoints helps to provide a great end-to-end candidate experience with no gaps, whilst generating and reinforcing brand recognition and awareness.

As well as increasing the probability that they’ll respond to your messages and engage with your communications going forward, it also helps to instill trust, an important factor for candidates considering a future at your organization. Which is why strong employer branding in recruitment is so important! Carry out an audit of all your existing touchpoints and make sure you’re activating your brand in a uniform manner.

Emails are a pillar touchpoint for engaging candidates and a great branding opportunity. But it’s important not to underestimate the power of mobile. Text messages not only have higher engagement rates, they are a useful tool for sending requests and reminders.

As every interaction influences a candidate’s perception of your employer brand, make sure that your candidate experience is mobile-optimized:

  • Is the mobile application process smooth?
  • How does your career site display on mobile?
  • Can candidates self-service on a mobile-optimized interview scheduling portal?
  • Have you considered sending SMS interview reminders?
  • Are email templates designed and tested for mobile?
  • Do you offer a mobile-optimized e-signature portal for candidates to sign offers?
After investing in Avature, we saw a number of benefits overnight. We were able to leverage the system for the brand and infuse it into candidate communications in a way we never were able to before.

Erin Tschirhart Talent Acquisition Manager

Avature Advantage

  • With Avature you can activate an holistic employer branding strategy with a broad range of tools: fully branded email templates, career sites, microsites and landing pages.
  • Deliver a great candidate experience by serving up relevant candidate content to visitors to your career site. With Avature you can personalize content based on their search history, location and interests, amongst other criteria.You can also manage social media posts directly through the platform, executing a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy within Avature.
  • Send personalized text messages at scale, whether it’s to invite a candidate to check out your talent community opportunities, book an interview, ask for feedback or send a reminder.
  • Use the Avature Mobile app as part of your wider recruiting events strategy to make your employer brand stands out for the right reasons and creates a memorable impression.
Consistency is not just about having a strong message, but also a consolidated presence. It’s about ensuring that what candidates see on your website, on your social media, once inside your company, is actually the same. That the message that they are being communicated at every step of the candidate journey is the same.

Ana Duque Digital Content and Engagement Manager

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Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are leveraging Avature to showcase their employer brand.

ABB’s talent brand index doubled in under two years. They leveraged Avature branded landing pages, email templates, social media campaigns and reporting.

KPMG leveraged Avature to create an award-winning career site showcasing impressive design and functionality – as well as their employer brand – to engage job seekers.

Philips repositioned themselves as an employer of choice for top talent in the healthcare industry by leveraging Avature’s branding functionality to great effect across talent community portals and email campaigns.

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