Track the Candidate Sources That Work Best for You

Reporting on how people arrive at your career site allows you to understand which channels are the most effective for driving page visits and conversions. With this information at hand, you can ensure that you’re optimizing how you spend your recruitment marketing budget by prioritizing the most relevant candidate sources.

When it comes to defining candidate sourcing metrics, it’s crucial to understand not just how many leads a specific channel brought you, but also how far these people got in the selection process. This is so you can ideally invest more in the sources that bring you stronger candidates and better performing hires.

While it is possible to measure across different systems if you have the right integrations in place, using one universal platform for your entire recruitment process makes this much easier. It also creates a much more reliable environment for effectively tracking candidate source performance as you have a single source of truth.

Avature Advantage

Analyze every step of the recruiting process with Avature custom links and reports. Track:

  • How effectively you’re sourcing candidates
  • Candidate source
  • Conversion rate
  • Drop-off point & more!

Embrace full candidate reporting through Avature’s one-platform approach!

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Increased productivity, user experience and data-driven results — these are just a few of the gains from Cisco’s one-platform approach to recruiting using Avature.

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Avature has given Philips powerful insights into the success of their upgraded talent strategy. For example, they were able to track candidate sources, conversion rates and email marketing metrics that smash industry standards.

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ABB leveraged Avature’s reporting framework to measure candidate sources and recruiting effectiveness and quality of hire. By optimizing processes they achieved an 83 percent satisfaction score from hiring managers.

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