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An Avature DNA home page with featured links to various learning opportunities, and a button to go to the company's Learning Hub.

Why Avature Learning?

Avature Learning is designed to promote agility by facilitating the sharing of know-how, a company’s most valuable asset.

The solution enables employees to share instructional rich media content while giving HR the power to curate and promote the content based on system-generated feedback, AI-driven algorithms and HR strategy.

Designed to complement or replace your legacy LMS, this solution compensates for the lost interaction between work-from-home employees, facilitates internal mobility programs, reduces hiring managers’ training workload, accelerates time to productivity and lessens the brain-drain from turnover.

An employee's Avature DNA profile showing their learning history, including social media marketing and content marketing ROI modules.

Modernize the Learning Experience

Our solution brings learning to life by discovering the “voice of the employee.”

Social by design, our solution engages employees in the learning experience by allowing them to create, share and promote content and build topic-specific communities, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Subject matter experts can provide critical know-how that might otherwise go undocumented, and content can be organically curated based on user feedback and social interaction.

A learning hub in Avature DNA with multiple trainings uploaded by other users. Users can create, search, and filter content.

Unlock the Strategic Power of Learning

Overdependence on off-the-shelf content and lack of user engagement in legacy LMS has limited HR’s ability to deliver strategic value. But a pivot towards sharing know-how requires new technology and skills.

Combined with a deeper understanding of how social media has altered the learning experience, the right technology can allow HR to refine its curatorial skills by identifying what has the most impact and rewarding the person who creates that material – improving engagement and fostering a healthy community.

Our solution puts HR in control of its digital transformation and offers numerous tactical opportunities to design and deploy processes that grow the company’s IQ and drive the business towards its strategic objectives.

Workflow Your Way to Learning Success

Put the industry’s most configurable workflow engine to work. Automate ground-breaking learning experiences, apply consistency to learning journeys, define required training and certification processes, fine-tune access rights to content, establish approval processes for posting and ensure content remains relevant and up to date.

Use our workflow to recommend content based on employee profiles that include interests, skills, manager feedback, peer evaluations, self-evaluation and completed programs to help your workforce keep pace with their learning objectives.

A dashboard showing metrics related to learning content, such as content creation by department and top learning categories.

Bring Clarity to the Learning Experience

Understand where all your employees and contractors are in their learning journey with easy-to-build KPI reports. Leverage historical data to optimize engagement and learning programs, identify training gaps, sort out poor practices and design new programs that support the company’s growth strategy.

Create customized dashboards from any report to motivate learners and help them benchmark progress against their peer group.

An employee profile in the Avature performance management module displaying his basic information and career aspirations.

Connect Learning to Other Talent Management Initiatives

Avature Learning can seamlessly integrate into your talent ecosystem, unlocking new ways to make the most of our solution. Our configurable REST endpoints and open API make it easy to import data from other systems that can then be used by our workflow to address skills gaps and low performance while also supporting onboarding and internal mobility processes.

For customers using our talent management suite, Avature Learning can introduce learning content at different stages of the talent journey simply by configuration.

Boost the Power of your Talent Management Practices

Employee Onboarding

With the Avature Onboard solution, you can combine a step-by-step new hire process with an engaging social experience that fosters collaboration and increased productivity.


Internal Mobility

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can own their career growth while managers fill business-critical internal opportunities.


Performance Management

Avature Performance Management allows you to re-envision the employee review process and tailor it to your needs.