Avature Learning

Inspire your workforce to develop and share expertise through integrated social learning hubs.

Why Avature Learning?

Tap into the wealth of expertise within your organization by empowering your employees to create and upload their own training content. Avature’s learning solution is built around your workforce, enabling them to gather invaluable insights from their colleagues across the business from a single centralized employee hub.

Avature complements your existing learning solutions to enhance the learning experience through powerful integration. It is also intrinsically social, constructed on a platform that allows employees to effectively share content, interact and build learning communities.

Deliver Personalized Learning Experiences

Provide your employees with their own learning hub to take advantage of an on-demand curated library of training materials. Avature Learning fits into talent management ecosystems allowing HR teams to draw data from other areas of the employee lifecycle to customize learning experiences for all users, encouraging upskilling and re-skilling at every touchpoint.

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Build Communities Around Learning Content

Social interaction drives better learning outcomes and is key to a workforce’s engagement in training initiatives. Avature’s learning hub is designed to garner enthusiasm and galvanize workers to share expertise and build learning communities.

Having user-driven content means that insights can come from anywhere in the business and be created and uploaded quickly, ensuring that expertise is timely and relevant. It also promotes a culture of social learning as employees can publicly comment, like and promote the expertise of their peers.

Implement Workflows to Power Learning

Leave workflows to do the heavy lifting and allow your learning strategies to run like a well-oiled machine. Avature has the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible workflow engine, which complex international businesses use to sculpt processes to their needs. By harnessing automation, HR teams are liberated from time-consuming admin tasks while the user experience remains streamlined and consistent.

Boost Your Learning Environment Through Seamless Integration

Avature works with the learning technology you already have, so you can work to enhance your existing learning management strategy. With over 15 years of experience partnering with customers across major industries and 150 countries, we’ve developed a platform that supports unique HR strategies through comprehensive integration capabilities.

Connect Learning into Your Skills Framework

Technological innovation has increased the need for new skills, making them the currency of talent today. We know our customers are looking to adopt a skills-based approach to training strategies to help build comprehensive learning paths that fill skills gaps and promote internal mobility. Avature allows you to connect learning with your skills framework to paint a complete picture of the skills within your workforce.

Dashboards and Reporting

Develop your learning and development initiatives off the back of a range of different learning metrics, such as completed courses. Reports can be combined to create dashboards that can be displayed in any portal or within the application to deliver relevant, actionable information based on user roles. They can also be exported and shared with other stakeholders to enhance team collaboration and transparency.

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