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First Impressions Matter

When creating career sites using Avature’s Portal Apps Builder, you get unlimited design options, allowing you to match the look and feel of your corporate website and design bespoke application processes for different types of candidates. Your team can easily manage rich media content with our advanced CMS feature set, promote jobs that semantically match job seekers’ profiles using Avature’s AI engine, optimize jobs for search engine ranking and leverage built-in screening and survey tools to qualify top talent faster.

Multi-Language Functionality

Easily manage your career site content in multiple languages and provide a truly localized experience in all your essential labor markets.

Multi-Brand Functionality

Our portal apps framework is ideal for companies with multiple brands that each have their own identity, administration and legal structure.

Our Cisco Careers portal allows us to deliver a fully branded, search engine and mobile-optimized experience for candidates while meeting Cisco’s data security and compliance requirements.”

Jeremy Bloom - Talent Acquisition Operations Manager, Systems & Technology

A career site displaying a list of jobs recommended to the user, and a search bar to look for opportunities.

Create Award-Winning Candidate Experiences

Use advanced personalization features and machine learning to serve up content that speaks to each candidate and offer tailored job recommendations based on search history, resume or prior applications. Design bespoke application processes based on job type to provide the right experience for hourly workers, graduating students, experienced professionals and executives, and allow candidates to build job alerts that bring them back to your career site when new opportunities are posted. Avature Career Sites are fully mobile-optimized and accessible.

Drive Organic Traffic Using Automated SEO

Avature career sites are SEO-optimized so that all jobs are well-ranked in the results of leading search engines. We offer our customers a complete SEO feature set, including on-site and technical SEO automation. Our optimization services are designed to ensure that job seekers end up directly on your career site and not on that of a job aggregator or competitor. Additionally, Avature supports Google for Jobs technical optimization, a special search feature that aggregates job listings and displays them in Google Search.

A candidate profile page with options to upload a resume, provide education history, work experience, and other information.

Candidate Profile Page

Improve personalization with candidate profile pages that display all the information a candidate needs to become an employee. Provide tips for the application process, show the application history and the real-time status of current applications and keep candidates engaged with compelling content. Candidates can also choose to delete their profiles in accordance with privacy regulations.

Get in touch to find out more about how the candidate profile page can be used to facilitate onboarding.



A career site demonstrating how Avature's AI-powered semantic search capabilities offer suggestions as the user types keywords.

Semantic Search and Matching AI

Transform how candidates discover relevant opportunities and maximize conversion rates with Avature’s organic AI. Keyword search functionality is brittle and prone to depend on jargon, often delivering disappointing results when users input different terminology or misspelled keywords. Besides, new job titles are emerging all the time. Avature’s semantic search compensates for these issues with suggestions that significantly improve search accuracy.

Our semantic matching leverages machine-learning models to match job seekers to jobs based on skills, experience and location, and works in multiple languages. Deliver best-fit jobs and content quickly to engage job seekers and increase applications.

Avature's portal content editor, showing how users can edit the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of a career site.

Built-in Content Management

Take control of your brand identity using Avature Portal Content Editor, an intuitive CMS feature set that includes an in-line editor, rich media content storage, management of references to third-party content and journaling of all publishing actions. Combine videos and images with targeted text that engages candidates and strengthens their interest in your brand. Showcase your benefits and culture through authentic storytelling and share your company values on important matters like diversity.

An easy-to-use interface grants recruitment marketers the agility to quickly and easily update content to optimize for impressions and job seeker conversion rates.

A career site displaying job recommendations, ranked by how strongly they match a candidate's profile.

Modernize Without Replacing Your ATS

Enjoy the benefits of Avature Career Sites without replacing your existing ATS. Avature’s Career Sites solution can easily integrate into your ATS to deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

If you have many applicant tracking systems in use globally, Avature can consolidate the jobs from them and distribute applications back to each ATS.

Let Chatbots Do the Talking

Start the conversation at any time with Avature Chatbot. Provide human-like answers to FAQs and streamline the job search experience to convert passive visitors into applicants.

In addition to our built-in chatbot, Avature Career Sites can seamlessly integrate with leading third-party bot providers.

A career site's analytics dashboard showing different charts and graphs of candidate behavior.

Analyze and Predict Visitor Behavior

Gain insights into the complete job seeker journey with comprehensive visitor metrics, from traffic source data to navigation history and conversion.

Avature’s robust built-in career site analytics provide the data you need to make important decisions about your employment advertising, content development and bespoke application processes.

Easily convert reports into role-based dashboards for recruitment marketers and sourcers and grant real-time access to the KPIs that matter to them.

Accessibility Standards You Can Count On

All Avature portal apps can be made WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, ensuring that you remove any web accessibility barriers that might hinder the experience for anyone with a disability.

Boost your Recruiting Power with Avature

Applicant Tracking System

Avature ATS provides a comprehensive toolset to deliver innovative, digitally powered and fully bespoke recruiting services to the enterprise.

Candidate Relationship Management

Avature pioneered the first CRM for talent acquisition and remains the global market leader for sourcing, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement.

Internal Mobility

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can own their career growth while managers fill business-critical internal opportunities.