Make Gamification Work to Your Advantage

While it probably won’t be suitable for all the positions you might be looking to fill, creating challenges or games can be an effective way to engage particular talent groups, such as coders or other technical profiles. Develop a crack-the-code type challenge that invites those interested to solve a skills-based game or consider hiding hiring messages in your website code. These niche actions are an effective way to connect with specific profiles, and meeting them on their level will drive unique engagement. You could also consider organizing events, such as hackathons or networking with industry experts and management, to entice hard-to-reach talent into meeting you face-to-face.

Avature Advantage

Create event registration pages with excellent design using the Avature Landing Page Builder: no developer skills required and tailored for different engagement events.

– Focus on top talent: add pre-qualification quizzes with engaging questions to your registration pages! And you can invite those that just missed the mark to sign up to your Talent Community. Through drip campaigns with relevant content to keep them engaged, you can keep these candidates warm until a more suitable opening appears.

Track leads from specific engagement activities and build out specific talent pipelines using Avature lists and tags.

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Discover how these companies are using gamification for recruitment to engage the qualified talent they need.

29%increase in qualified applicants

Philips gamified pre-screening and saw the percentage of qualified applicants rise by 29 percent in a single quarter.

Philips logo.

When Pandora set out to recruit hard-to-reach engineers in the Atlanta area, it created a recruiting party event that included the opportunity to network with its own engineers and leadership team.

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An American food company has candidates complete a questionnaire composed of 10 to 15 weighted questions, including knockout questions. To move forward, candidates need to achieve a minimum score.

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