Optimizing Your Recruitment Operations

You might have defined your talent acquisition strategy and worked out the tactics you’re going to implement to better source, engage and hire the talent you need. But have you really delved into the underlying operations and the processes that make your strategy tick?

To truly optimize recruitment operations, you must carry out a full audit of current processes to identify what works and what could use some improvement. Having access to robust and reliable data is an absolute necessity for this to be effective. With discrepancies and data loss occurring across systems, there are many benefits to having a single source of truth. Investing in an end-to-end platform for all of your talent acquisition operations has many benefits, including increased data integrity and more reliable reporting.

A dashboard with metrics such as new leads, number of hires from talent pool, pipeline conversion and hires by source.

Once you’ve got a handle on what’s working well and what might benefit from a little optimization, make an action plan that addresses how to start tackling any issues head-on. Learn more with our best practices for completing a successful audit.

Drive Stakeholder Collaboration

There is a clear case for an efficient collaboration: the relationship between the recruiter and the hiring manager is the number one predictor of TA performance. In addition, back and forth between sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of the entire hiring process. But how can you streamline recruitment operations to drive stakeholder collaboration and reduce frustration

Reduce Time Spent on Operational Tasks

With a long list of tasks to complete, recruiters are constantly working against the clock to get everything done. But not all tasks are truly the best use of your experienced recruiter’s time. How can you ease the pressure of low-value administrative tasks and give them back time to focus on high-value activities

Industry Leaders in Action

Discover the game-changing impact that optimizing recruitment operations has had on these organizations and their talent acquisition team and employer brand.

40 pointincrease in NPS

A leading UK media agency overhauled their hiring processes as a poor candidate experience was negatively impacting on business revenue. The transformation improved their Candidate NPS from -29 to +11

27%stronger employer brand

CBRE cut cost per hire by 18 percent and strengthened their employer brand by 27 percent by reviewing internal processes to transform their TA team efforts and maximize efficiency with automation.

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By streamlining processes for all stakeholders with Avature, Cisco has seen drastic improvements in productivity and hiring manager experience.

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