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Seventy six percent.

of companies still have no diversity or inclusion goals - Advertising Week

Sixty seven percent.

of job candidates seek out diverse companies - Glassdoor

Forty three percent.

of companies with diverse boards have registered significantly higher profits - McKinsey & Company

Eigthy six percent.

of those who work in actively inclusive workplaces would recommend their company as a place to work at - Gallup

Two of Avature's diversity features: a dashboard with different graphs and metrics about inclusion, and a mobile career site for women in technology.

The Diversity and Inclusion Tools You Need

Our working team of consultants and account managers is here to help bring your vision of diversity and inclusion to life. Given that diversity and its implementation are unique to each organization, our mission is to provide a wide selection of tools to help you achieve your objectives. You can leverage Avature to support diversity in the following ways:

Design holistic reports: Deeply understand your organization’s current state of diversity.

Develop career sites and microsites: Spot biased language and showcase your diversity efforts. Create pools of diverse talent.

Harness the power of landing pages and WebSources to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Nourish your existing talent pools: Create personalized email templates and encourage referrals from minority employees.

Customer Stories

CBRE company logo.


CBRE saw a 10% increase in female applicants for leadership positions after leveraging Avature to build a tech-savvy TA strategy for their most culturally (and linguistically) diverse region: Asia-Pacific.

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Dell company logo.


Dell created a diversity pipeline in Avature CRM and built a custom URL to  a diversity landing page with the possibility to join their talent community. They then shared the links on social media sites and provided their recruiting team with clear ROI measures of their social media campaigns.

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ABB company logo.


With the help of Avature, ABB identified and tracked talent pool demographics before deciding which ones they wished to target and which strategies they deemed more effective to do so.

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Metro bank company logo.


Thanks to the analytics and automation features from Avature’s ATS, Metrobank created a workflow that highlights whether a short list includes a diverse candidate pool. As a result, their goal is now to deliver a really diverse short list every time, for every role.

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Avature provides a collection of solutions to integrate diversity and inclusion into organizational strategies for talent acquisition and talent management. The company’s offering portfolio is based on the concept that diversity and inclusion is not about an isolated program or idea but instead must be integrated into an organization’s talent vision and evolution.

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