Conduct a Diversity Audit And Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Career sites are the window into your organization – and a great place to showcase the existing diversity and inclusion in your workplace (or what you aspire towards). But are you giving the right impression when it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I)? If you’re thinking of conducting a diversity audit, this is one of the first places you should begin.

  • Does the imagery used on your site truly reflect your workforce?
  • Are you explaining what your organization is doing for underrepresented groups?
  • Do you have specific programs in place? Are you showcasing them?

Share the D&I goals that your organization is trying to achieve – and your results to date if you can.

But your diversity audit doesn’t stop there: look for biased language in job postings and remove it. For example, there are certain words that attract more male applicants (e.g. ambitious, high-achiever). The same counts for your email templates and any other communication channels. Make sure to have them audited so they don’t contain wording that might be off-putting for your target.

Continue your diversity audit across any other candidate-facing touchpoints, such as social media channels. Educate community managers around your D&I strategy and encourage them to share content that supports your goals of creating a more diverse workplace.

Delivering the right message externally will help to attract diverse talent. But this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll smash your diversity goals: minority groups might not make it through the hiring process. It’s critical to assess how your talent acquisition function is working and identify how you can eliminate unconscious bias, leveraging AI-powered candidate suggestions or turning to a skills-based approach.

Avature Advantage

Highlight your diversity initiatives with Avature’s Landing Page Builder, Theme Builder for Landing Pages and Portal Content Editor.
Tip: Add videos and images to truly bring your culture to life!

– Tailor your communications to appeal to your different audiences with email template variables, variants and themes.

– Use anonymized views to remove the risk of unconscious bias and support your D&I efforts — base decisions purely on experience and achievements.

– Leverage Avature AI-based recommendations for recruiters’ to see candidate suggestions based on how closely their experience matches the job’s requirements.

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