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Streamlining Onboarding: From Manual to Automated

HR Manager

Learn how The Crown Prosecution Service leveraged Avature's automation to replace heavily manual processes, enable better monitoring, enhance efficiency and reduce onboarding time from 65 to 45 days.

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Enabling Data-Driven Recruiting

Talent Acquisition Excellence Manager

Discover how Virgin Media O2 takes a data-driven approach to recruiting, consolidates its brand presence and enhances efficiency thanks to Avature.

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Powering Digital Transformation in Talent Acquisition

Head of Talent Acquisition

Virgin Media O2 implemented Avature to consolidate its recruiting operations following a merger. Since then, the platform has become the center of the company’s digital transformation strategy for talent acquisition. Learn more in this video.

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How LinkedIn Centralized Sourcing With a Scalable Solution

Senior Enterprise Technical Systems Engineer

Discover LinkedIn’s key takes on their rapid and highly scalable implementation of Avature.

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Customized Experiences: Shaping Hiring Success

Product Cluster Lead Recruiting

Discover how EnBW AG overhauled its stakeholders' experience and successfully managed 40,000 applications and 3,000 hires in a year thanks to Avature.

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Transforming the Talent Experience for Employees and Clients

Sr. Director of Digital Transformation

Learn more about the instrumental role Avature plays as Kelly delivers superior talent experiences for its employees and clients.

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How Wayfair Revolutionized High-volume Hiring

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Technology

Receiving over 1 million applications a year, learn how Wayfair leveraged Avature automation to revolutionize high-volume hiring and achieve impressive results.

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How Xerox Consolidated Its Tech Stack and Saved Money

Senior IT Manager

Discover how Xerox implemented a global job library and leveraged Avature’s platform to consolidate its vendor footprint and save money.

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Crafting Exceptional Experiences in High-Volume Hiring

Manager of Talent Acquisition

Victoria’s Secret knew they wanted to deliver an engaging high-volume hiring experience for both candidates and internal stakeholders. Learn how they were able to do so with Avature.

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Every Stakeholder Matters: The Laitram Experience

HRIS Analyst & Senior HRIS Analyst

See how Laitram leverages Avature to deliver innovative tools that take stakeholders’ experiences to new levels.

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The Perfect Combo: High-Volume Hiring and Avature

Director of Human Resources

See how GPS Hospitality leverages Avature to deliver astounding results for its high-volume hiring strategy.

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How JLL Demonstrates Recruiting Impact

HR Product Owner

Discover what Avature's capabilities and characteristics stand out among the pack, according to JLL’s Charles Lilly.

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Consolidating Recruiting With Avature ATS

Senior System Configuration Specialist

Learn how the University of Colorado Boulder found in Avature ATS the right platform to support their users’ needs and comply with strict regulations.

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Digitizing Campus Recruiting with Avature

National Campus Recruiter

From eliminating manual tasks to alleviating a common frustration for candidates, discover how CBIZ Somerset transformed campus recruiting with Avature.

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Leveraging Avature as a Business Platform

Sr Director of IT

Discover how KellyOCG takes the Avature platform beyond the traditional use cases to excel at personalized service delivery.

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Building the Relationship Each Candidate Wants, at Scale

Talent Engagement Manager

Discover why AMS’s Jason Boone chooses Avature’s highly-configurable talent acquisition suite to nurture candidate relationships at scale.

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How to Deliver an Epic Recruiting Experience

Recruiting and Onboarding Lead

Learn how Epic implemented Avature to achieve a seamless experience for both candidates and recruiters alike.

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How Mettler Toledo Meets Local Hiring Needs on a Global Scale

Head of Quality, Efficiency and Innovation

When it needed to choose a platform that was flexible enough to cater to global and local needs, Mettler Toledo looked no further.

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Why Kienbaum Replaced Legacy Systems With Avature

Head of Quality, Efficiency and Innovation

Discover how Kienbaum revolutionized its sourcing strategy with Avature.

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How McLaren Took Pole Position with Avature

Head of Talent Acquisition and Development

Learn how McLaren implemented the Avature platform to enable the flexibility they were looking for to adapt to the current talent landscape.

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Powering a Mentorship Program with Avature

Leader of HR Systems

Learn how European Central Bank partnered with Avature to deliver an innovative professional development experience.

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Recruiting ROI: An Epic Masterclass

Recruiter and Avature Team Lead

Learn how Epic implemented the Avature platform to drive ROI, achieving impactful results throughout their talent journey.

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How European Central Bank Revamped Recruiting

Senior HR Analyst

Learn how partnering with Avature enabled European Central Bank recruiting with a focus on user experience.

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Optimizing Onboarding in 3 Steps

Global Recruitment Operations & Delivery Manager

Discover how Avature Onboarding helped BMC software optimize the new hire experience

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