Build Candidate Profiles Based on Data, Not Gut Feelings

A candidate persona or candidate profile is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal candidate formed by defining the characteristics, skills and traits that make up your perfect hire. While it might be relatively new for many talent acquisition teams that are in the process of implementing recruitment marketing strategies, buyer personas have long been used by sales and marketing teams with great success.

You might think you have a pretty good idea of the kind of candidate profiles that you’re looking for when it comes to building talent pipelines full of target individuals. But when you begin the process of developing candidate personas, your approach should be based on research rather than assumptions. Interview current employees, main stakeholders in the hiring process (e.g. hiring managers), as well as candidates, to start to build a profile of who you’re trying to talk to.

Take your time during the process and try to collect as much data as possible. You should ideally develop a candidate profile for each talent pool connected to a role you’re trying to fill. Afterall, the more specific you can get, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with qualified candidates.

Avature Advantage

With Avature you can build forms to keep track of the questions you’re using to define personas and answer them per pipeline or role you’re trying to fill. These forms can be attached to a pipeline record in Avature so they are visible to sourcers and recruiters when they source and calibrate potential candidates or pre-screen them over the phone.

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78% Reduced headhunter costs

Infineon increased recruitment five-fold over a three-year period, as well as reducing external headhunter costs by 78 percent by using candidate personas to better focus hiring efforts.

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