Tap Into Your Existing Candidate Database First

Before you start looking at external job boards, search your database for existing talent that fit your search criteria. Whether it’s current employees that might be interested in new internal opportunities, silver medallists that just missed out on a previous opportunity, or candidates you met at a career event, it’s faster and more cost-effective to engage them than start from scratch.

Though this sounds straightforward, one of the biggest challenges for many is running an effective candidate search. Uncovering hidden gems can become an impossible task if you are relying on limited search functionality. In fact, rather than using a candidate relationship management solution, many organizations rely on outdated excels to keep track of candidates. Though market-leading technology comes with a price tag, the benefits quickly justify the spend.

As well as making it easy to rediscover previously engaged talent, a candidate relationship management platform enables you to demonstrate your success. Reporting and analytics tools give you a real understanding of the impact of your recruitment marketing efforts and your pipeline’s health.

Avature Advantage

  • Avature makes it easy to quickly find qualified candidates when you need them – even when your candidate relationship management solution has millions of resumes.
  • Avature has created the next-generation Boolean search function. Semantic Search uses AI to find semantic correlations, delivering a Google-like search experience. It automatically expands the original criteria to find related search terms. This helps you discover additional profiles within your candidate database that could be relevant to your search.
  • Avature Lists allow you to build out a catalog of relevant profiles based on a specific search criteria, such as location or experience. Once you’ve identified which existing candidates fit the bill and you’ve created your shortlist, it’s easy to engage them.
  • It’s easy to send a personalized email or SMS, link them to a pre-established drip campaign to nudge behaviour, or invite them to self schedule an interview with the Avature Interview Scheduling feature.
  • With Avature Internal Mobility you can build personalized programs that promote, relocate and rotate homegrown talent effectively within your company. Match employees with professional opportunities that fulfill their career interests and the business’ fast-changing goals simultaneously.

Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are capitalizing on their existing candidate database thanks to Avature.

90%open rates achieved

Lockheed Martin frequently activates engagement campaigns with their existing database, achieving open rates of up to 90 percent thanks to their effective messaging.

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75%positions filled internally

With an ambition to unlock internal talent, L’Oréal leveraged Avature to activate an ambitious internal mobility strategy. Now 75 percent of positions posted on career site are filled by employees

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