Leverage Recruitment Metrics to Bring Teams Together

With different teams motivated by different objectives and deadlines, at times it can be hard to encourage everyone to row in the same direction. But if you visualize performance in a way that’s relevant for every stakeholder, it’s much easier to achieve cross-team collaboration. Bring the data you have collected to life with recruitment dashboards that display actionable information based on user roles so they have a clear go-to place to understand the status of their pipelines and to-do lists. 

Consider how you can use a combination of landing page metrics, response rates from email campaigns and social media postings, and conversion rates to really understand the impact of your recruitment marketing efforts, as well as your pipeline’s health and to rally everyone behind common goals.

A dashboard with recruitment marketing metrics. In Avature, each stakeholder can customize the data they see at a glance.
The Cisco People Deal includes a working environment where we empower our employees with tools which provide a great user experience, enable collaboration, and support high productivity. Our Avature recruiting platform helps move us in this direction.”

Sally Hu

Business Architect

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Avature Advantage

– Keep track of key performance metrics over time with Avature’s role-based dashboards.

  • Bring data to life with visual recruitment dashboards.
  • Create different views to match the needs of different user profiles.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how these industry giants are leveraging important recruitment metrics and dashboards to make more strategic decisions, improve internal processes and create a positive candidate experience.

Visibility on time-to-fill is important for ABB, so the metric is displayed on its day-to-day dashboard for sourcers with other KPIs, including new leads, current pipelines and email campaign performance.

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8role-specific dashboards

An American fashion company created eight role-specific dashboards to effectively manage regional hiring needs. This empowered store managers to hire the best talent and to track everything with meaningful data and analytics

With Avature, Metro Bank created a number of role-specific dashboards, including versions for specialists, high-volume and admins, so users can quickly and clearly see all key information – increasing productivity.

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Bring to Life Your Recruitment Metrics with Dynamic Dashboards to Improve Inter- and Intra-Team Collaboration!

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