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Reimagine Contractor Staffing

Create your contingent talent marketplace with Avature CWM and build better long-term relationships with high-performing contractors. Reduce agency fees with a complete set of industry-leading CRM capabilities to source hard-to-find talent, execute engaging, personalized recruiting campaigns and develop talent pools of ready and willing skilled workers.

Easily connect our solution with leading vendor management systems (VMS) or use our comprehensive suite of native VMS features, including customizable agency portals and screening workflows, an extensible data model, custom APIs and multi-lingual parsing of SOWs.

Use our reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions that improve output, reduce costs and support the total talent objectives of your organization.

Just last year, I sat in San Francisco at an Avature advisory board meeting, discussing the changing ways of working and the impact on recruiting. I remember thinking that for the first time, we were looking at an HR-centric technology that addresses the topics of a liquid workforce.”

Dr. Sebastian Hubert - Global Head of Strategy & Technology for Talent Acquisition, Siemens

A company career site tailored to contingent workers, where they can use search filters to find and apply to jobs.

Create Your Own Talent Marketplace

Build a global direct sourcing program with Avature Contingent Workforce Management. Segment and engage professionals with personalized multi-channel messaging and fully branded landing pages and portals to reduce agency spend and hire faster.

Contractors can:

  • Create a profile to highlight their skills
  • Apply for available projects
  • Receive project updates
  • Update their availability and compensation requirements

Use continuously improving profile data to fine-tune project promotion and encourage the best performers to return for future projects, lowering onboarding and training costs and increasing contractor output and operational agility across the entire organization.

An email, opened on a mobile phone, thanking the recipient for their work and inviting them to apply to new assignments.

Engagement Tools that Build Relationships

Attract and retain the best workers through Avature Contingent Workforce Management by providing a high-touch, personalized experience beyond paperwork and payday.

Email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

Avature lets you build, share, reuse, and manage a fully branded and customizable message template library. You can segment campaigns based on specific conditions such as skills or availability to ensure automatic communications remain personalized and relevant. You can also schedule messages regularly to ensure your contractor profiles are up-to-date.

Social Media Advertising & Sharing

To broaden your reach, you can use Avature Contingent Workforce Management to post open positions to various social media platforms from within the same system and encourage contractors to share information about your assignments with others.

Harness Machine Learning

Use the most advanced AI available in the market to identify the right fit for each assignment. Quickly build short lists of suitable candidates using advanced skills matching from Avature's semantic engine. The languages currently supported are English, German and French, with more on the way.

An agency management portal showing open positions and submitted candidates.

Get More Out of Your Staffing Suppliers

The Avature CWM Agency Management Portal centralizes all your communications and activities with external recruiting agencies.

Share Jobs and Capture Candidates

With our branded and mobile-optimized portal, each agency can log in and view their assigned jobs, submit potential candidates and see the relevant content you share with them. Job-specific forms ensure you ask for and receive the relevant information for each assignment.

Measure ROI

With Avature’s reporting capabilities, you can gain insight into your staffing KPIs and compare the expenses and performance of different agencies both against one another and against other staffing sites.

A hiring manager portal showing two candidates for a position and displaying the profile information for each.

Simplify the Hiring Manager Experience

As part of the Avature Contingent Workforce Management user experience, our Hiring Manager Portal provides all the information your hiring managers need in one easy-to-use, fully customizable and mobile-optimized portal:

  • Submit and approve project requisitions
  • Review candidates and coordinate interviews
  • Rate contractor performance at the end of their assignments
  • Augment contractor profiles with skills
An Avature DNA page showcasing a user's profile and several posts where colleagues praise the user's performance on past projects.

Socialize Your Contractor Community

Avature Contingent Workforce Management comes with Avature DNA, a social networking application that allows you to communicate easily with all your contractors from one interface.

Enhance Collaboration

Workers can share project updates, results and other content with others in your organization. The user-friendly interface is similar to popular social networks, supporting topics, following and ad-hoc groups, and offers comparable advertising capabilities.

Company Communications

You can send targeted content, such as future project opportunities, to individuals or groups based on attributes in their profiles. Messaging can be action-based or scheduled. Managers can also give public feedback, praising workers for their contributions and skills.

A dashboard comparing contractor supplier metrics including money spent, supplier efficiency, and monthly productivity.

Dig Deeper with Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Avature CWM’s built-in, real-time reports give you the tools to measure multi-channel outreach, landing page and portal traffic, talent community strength and effectiveness, source analytics and other key performance indicators, such as candidate response rates, time to hire, agency performance, and contractor performance.

All dashboards support high-level graphical data representations and drill-down capabilities for better day-to-day demand management and forecasting.

Boost your Strategic HR Practices with Avature

Applicant Tracking System

Avature ATS provides a comprehensive toolset to deliver innovative, digitally powered and fully bespoke recruiting services to the enterprise.


Agency Management

Centralize communication and measure performance to maximize return on your recruiting agency relationships.


Performance Management

Avature Performance Management allows you to re-envision the employee review process and tailor it to your needs.