Why Avature CWM

Avature CWM gives you the ability to channel the power of contract labor using one integrated tool. From a single platform, you can engage and manage your external workers and drive collaboration among all stakeholders. Avature Contingent Workforce Management includes Avature’s renowned CRM capabilities, which allow you to efficiently source external talent and engage contractors before, during, and after contract work using advanced, automated communications.

With Avature CWM you can create your own talent marketplace where you can recruit for recurring projects and keep your best contractors engaged. Robust reporting capabilities provide visibility into your costs and allow you to make data-driven decisions that improve contractor quality and help you stay on budget. Real-time dashboards are available to give your key stakeholders up-to-the-minute metrics on contingent assignment creation, time to fill, costs, and performance.

Keep the Right Skills on Standby with Your Private Talent Community

Connect with the gig economy by starting your own private talent marketplace. Avature Talent Community sites allow flexible workers to apply for available projects or simply join your community and receive relevant updates. They can create a profile to highlight their skills and update their availability and compensation requirements. You can promote related jobs to workers from within the Avature platform or through email campaigns. You can customize the look and feel of your talent site, forms, and emails to fully leverage your employer brand.

Once workers are in your database, you can run fast, Google-like searches and build sophisticated lists to help you segment candidates based on skills, location radius, keywords, workflow statuses, or any other element in your customized data model to match them to relevant projects.

Collaborate More Efficiently with Your Staffing Suppliers

Avature CWM includes an Agency Management Portal that centralizes all your communications and activities with external recruiting agencies to save you time and maximize ROI. Gain insight into your staffing KPIs and compare the performance and expenses of different agencies against one another, or against other staffing sources. Through a branded and mobile optimized portal, your agencies can view their assigned jobs, submit potential candidates, and see relevant content that you share with them.

Simplify the Hiring Manager Experience

Avature’s Hiring Manager Portal makes managers’ jobs easier and enables real-time collaboration. HR can provide hiring managers with all the information they need in one easy-to-use, fully customizable and mobile-optimized portal.

Hiring managers can use the portal to submit and approve project requisitions. They can also review candidates and coordinate interviews, as well as rate workers on their skills and project deliverables at the end of their assignments. The Avature CWM solution comes with a mobile app where managers can perform essential tasks whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

Connect and Contact Your Workers with Avature DNA Social

To maintain a competitive advantage and retain the best flexible talent, it is key to provide an engaging and social work experience. Avature CWM comes with Avature DNA Social, a social network platform that lets you engage with workers and inform them of your latest company announcements. It also enables workers to share project updates, results, and other content with others in your organization. The user-friendly interface feels like popular social networks and offers similar advertising capabilities. You can send targeted content, such as future project opportunities, to individuals or groups based on attributes in their profiles. Managers can give public feedback, praising workers for their contributions and endorsing their skills.

Engagement Tools that Build Relationships

To attract the best flexible workers — and to prevent losing them to your competition — Avature CWM allows you to provide a high-touch, personalized experience. You can develop communication strategies that keep contractors engaged until the time is right to work together. Building relationships keeps high-performing workers informed of future opportunities, and helps you to save sourcing costs and ensure a high quality source of workers. You can use Avature’s powerful workflows to automatically trigger customized emails, send candidates links to update their employment information, or schedule reminders to give high-potential candidates regular phone calls. To ensure that such automatic communications remain personalized and relevant, you can customize workflow actions based on interests, skills, availability, or other contractor information. To broaden your social reach, you can use Avature CWM to create campaigns on other social media platforms to promote brand awareness and post current projects.

Avature CWM gives you the tools to provide your flexible workers with a great experience. Their impression of your company should be more than simply paperwork and a payday — it depends on consistent engagement through personalized and branded communications.

Dig Deeper with Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Avature CWM gives you the tools to measure talent community metrics, source analytics, time-to-hire statistics, applicant conversion analytics, agency performance, and more using our built-in, real-time reports. All dashboards can be customized to give each user an at-a-glance overview of relevant information.