Account Management

A Collaborative Service Model

Our Account Management team delivers a service as tailored as our solutions. We take the time to understand your business and provide strategic support aligned with your key objectives. We make it a priority to be your journey partner with a high-touch approach that adjusts to your unique requirements, no matter how often they change. Our multi-functional Account Management team pairs technical knowledge and business know-how to expedite customer requests.


“What I love about working with Avature directly is people know who I am, they recognize me. I think it’s very consistent user service, so whether you are dealing with a consultant you have never worked with before or you’re dealing with someone you have worked with before, there’s a lot of consistency across the support team.”

Amie Cafferty; Head of Talent Sourcing for the Americas; Philips


Your Success Is Our Success

As an organization Avature listens, putting your needs at the heart of innovation. This customer-centric philosophy means 80 percent of new features are based on clients’ requests. We also understand that not every business is the same, regardless of size or sector, so you can be sure you receive a service tailored to you. As a strategic partner, your Account Manager prioritizes your company’s objectives and uses solution expertise to guide you on how to optimize the Avature platform and take full advantage of its latest advancements.


“The Avature experience has exceeded my expectations in both its customer service and its troubleshooting anything. Every time we have an issue or a question or even a “we’d love to be able to do this in the future, do you guys think you could work on it?” there’s always a “yes” and a quick response and we really appreciate that.”

Design Recruiter; leading global sports brand


Global Reach With a Personal Touch

Avature’s global, multi-lingual team is your point of contact for platform enhancements, strategic guidance and training to enrich your solutions. Count on personal and reoccurring touchpoints, including a quarterly business review to ensure Avature continues to deliver return on your investment. When it comes to communication, your Account Manager is there to liaise for you across the business, advocate your priorities, anticipate your needs, and act as your ultimate escalation point in order to guarantee a successful partnership.