Share a Link to Your Talent Community Across Multiple Channels

Once you’ve optimized your talent community, showcasing your employer brand and content, it’s time to encourage potential contacts to join. Get creative with where and how you share the URL. Drive conversion at scale by leveraging all the channels available to you:

  • Include a link on your corporate website
  • Share on social media accounts
  • Link from employee email signatures.
  • If you have a blog that talks about company culture, you could also include a link to your talent community there.

It’s also worth thinking about how you could promote your talent community on an ad hoc basis. For example, if you attend recruiting events, you could create a display banner with a QR code that encourages candidates to join your talent community. While they wait in line to talk to you, they simply scan it and get taken to the registration page. The same can be done with SMS, where potential candidates simply text a keyword such as “Join” to a shortcode. They then receive a text back with a link to register for your talent community.

Even if there are currently no relevant vacancies, collecting high-quality candidate leads from individuals interested in joining your company helps reduce time-to-fill in the future. The possibilities are endless and the more avenues you explore, the better your strategy will be for sourcing candidates!

Avature Advantage

Avature Custom Links: create unique links to track candidate source and use this data to optimize your efforts.

  • Shorten the URL natively within Avature for those character-sensitive posts on social media.

Set up campaigns and post directly on social media using Avature.

  • One single source of truth to minimize discrepancies.
  • Easy to track & compare campaign results.

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Dell captured 112 applicants at no cost from a single diversity campaign. The company leveraged the Avature custom URL to track success.

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Using Avature, CBRE continuously tracks data, including candidate experience metrics, at critical points in the hiring process to continually improve the talent acquisition function.

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Cisco’s prospects have told the company that they don’t want to get unsolicited emails, so it drives traffic to its career page using social media. Once candidates share their information, Cisco will engage them properly.

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