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One Platform, Zero Compromise

Opting for a single talent acquisition platform typically means accepting limited functionality. Investing in a complex tech stack of advanced point solutions may partially solve that issue, but often results in an integrational nightmare. Avature overcomes this common obstacle without compromise, offering one agile platform and delivering the full spectrum of talent acquisition tools that enterprise organizations need to implement their strategic HR initiatives.

A career site displaying a list of jobs recommended to the user, and a search bar to look for opportunities.

Award-Winning Candidate Experiences

Avature enables people-centric processes that put the candidate at the heart of everything you do. Combining intuitive, consumer-grade experiences with full branding capabilities, our tools empower you to define every unique candidate interaction throughout the talent acquisition process, from personalized career sites and email templates to face-to-face or virtual recruiting events. From first contact to a new hire’s first day, design an end-to-end candidate experience worthy of your brand.

An ATS home page displaying recruiting tasks dashlets, and a hiring manager portal that shows a summary of pending tasks.

Effective Stakeholder Collaboration

But it goes beyond candidates. Avature empowers you to design unique experiences tailored to the specific needs of different stakeholder groups. With this powerful relationship management platform for talent acquisition, you can execute hiring processes built to drive collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, improve visibility and ultimately transform your ability to recruit talent more efficiently. Take advantage of intuitive stakeholder portals, customizable workflows and notifications, and visual dashboards based on user roles to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for everyone involved.

A microsite where users can join a talent community and a mobile device displaying company Twitter posts.

Proactive Recruitment Made Simple

Pioneers of CRM for recruiting, Avature provides you with a robust set of recruitment marketing tools so you can transform your tactics for engaging candidates. We make it easy to showcase your employer brand across every touchpoint and deliver personalized experiences and messages that resonate at scale in a manageable way. When nurturing your prospective talent pool, Avature is the talent acquisition platform that will enrich your candidate experience and interaction.

The advanced search page, highlighting semantic suggestions for a new candidate search.

The Power of Automation & AI In Your Hands

Avature is designed to free enterprise talent acquisition teams from operational tasks, allowing for investing more time in building relationships with candidates. From highly configurable workflows with automated actions to a range of AI initiatives developed in-house with a white-box approach that ensures total control over decision-making, Avature enables you to take advantage of intelligent functionality that drives efficiency. Optimize search with semantic technology, find hidden gems with matching, personalize candidate experience by providing highly relevant job recommendations, and automate operational and tedious tasks with smart bots.

A list of companies commonly used in sourcing and in the recruiting process that Avature can integrate with.

Integrations That Unleash Capability

At Avature we understand the value of integrations to our customers and have the necessary tools to deliver thousands of them successfully. Avature Junction, the next-generation integrations module, consists of different mechanisms that enable you to create your unique technology ecosystem. In addition to over 200 off-the-shelf integrations, leverage our expertise in integrating with hundreds of vendors across the most commonly used platforms in the recruiting industry.

Unrivaled Flexibility & Agility

While we can provide a collection of off-the-shelf system configurations for rapid deployment, Avature’s strength lies in its high configurability and ability to meet the unique business needs of every customer. You define the boundaries of your initiatives, and we bring them to life. With only a handful of mandatory fields, the data model can be tailored to meet your existing requirements and expanded to respond to new or changing business needs over time. Avature is continuously evolving to deliver the functionality you need to stay ahead of the competition, focused on an ambitious roadmap and product design initiatives, and working on an agile development cycle of non-disruptive releases every two weeks.

Break the Mould and Achieve Breakout Performance With Avature

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