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An Avature DNA home page, showing a feed of posts, as well as a list of hot topics, a skill endorsement section, and more.

Why Avature DNA?

Avature DNA is a single framework designed to stimulate employee engagement while unifying company-wide talent management initiatives – from wellness to professional development. It’s a one-stop-shop for a sophisticated, modern, multi-level talent management experience.

An Avature DNA user's profile, showing their basic information, profile picture, work history, skills, and recommendations.

Compile Relevant Information With Comprehensive Employee Profiles

With Avature DNA, you can empower your employees to enrich their internal profiles with descriptive data such as skills, experience, areas of interest, willingness to relocate and other data relevant to your business. You can then leverage Avature’s powerful AI tools to enable employees to automatically populate their skills sections, further aligning employees with internal development opportunities. Once captured, you can consolidate all employee-related information in one place to fully overview the talent (and potential skill-gaps) within your organization. Using Avature’s robust integration framework to import data from your HRIS, LMS and other systems, gather employee data from all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle.

A DNA home page, showing an advertisement for a communications workshop and job opportunities based on the user's skills.

Create a Personalized Experience With Targeted Content

Avature DNA allows you to leverage employee data by serving targeted advertisements based on individual skills, location, interests or areas of development. For example, you can display mobility opportunities in the U.S. to employees willing to relocate or offer a leadership course to managers who need additional skill development.

An automatically generated Avature DNA post congratulating an employee for their 3-year anniversary at the company.

Increase the Visibility of Your HR Programs

Avature DNA allows you to send manual or automatic announcements to congratulate high-performing employees, communicate organizational mobility changes or publicly welcome new hires to the team. Announcements offer additional value to employees via trackable topic tags, such as #mobility or #highperformers, that they can follow to stay informed of changes and news within your organization.

Desktop and mobile examples of Avature DNA's search capabilities, showing lists of employees based on location, interests and language.

Enhance Collaboration With Networking Groups

Avature DNA allows employees to search for colleagues based on skills, experience and other criteria and create networking groups based on shared personal and professional interests (i.e., Working From Home, New Hires Hub, Diversity Network, etc.). This way, you can empower hiring managers to find ideal internal candidates for new positions or projects and foster a sense of community among your workforce.

Avature DNA's main menu, showing links to the company's various resources, such as time off and career and development portals.

Provide Your People With a One-Stop Shop For Centralized Content and Sites

Avature DNA includes a configurable menu with targeted links to the Avature platform or other sites and applications, helping your employees find everything they need in one centralized location.

Boost the Power of your Talent Management Practices

Internal Mobility

Harness AI and powerful skills management tools to create a thriving talent marketplace where employees can own their career growth while managers fill business-critical internal opportunities.


Employee Referrals

Tap into the vast pools of talent within your employees' social networks.