Be Proactive and Manage Candidate Expectations Upfront

Set the golden rules for your company. For example, limiting the number of interviews to three so applicants don’t get put off. Use the candidate feedback process to identify what are your candidates’ expectations and preferences and tailor your experiences accordingly. Keeping them informed of job requirements, time commitments and next steps, empowering them to self-select where possible, are all shortcuts to creating a great candidate experience.

You can further optimize your candidate journey by creating a standardized email that can be sent automatically when reaching a certain step in the application process, providing them with information, so that they know what to expect. Make them feel ready for interviews by providing guidance on what to prepare for. Think about letting them know what format interviews will follow, who the interviewers are (you could share their LinkedIn profiles, for example), and how to get to the location if it’s an in-person interview. Invite them to self-schedule interviews and even record answers to questions of your choice at a time that suits them. If you can align the experience to their preferred method, channel and frequency of communication, it can have a truly positive impact on candidate experience.

Avature Advantage

– Make sure you know your candidates’ communication preferences! Ask about:

  • Preferred channel
  • Frequency
  • Language

These fields can automatically define how you communicate with talent, saving you time and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

– Delight candidates throughout their application journey by:

  • Building multimedia-rich email templates that tell your compelling brand story.
  • Sharing video tips from employees.
  • Including maps so they can work out their commute.

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Industry Leaders in Action

See for yourself how these industry leaders are being transparent and set candidate expectations upfront to create a positive candidate experience with real results.

KPMG reduced the number of fields on their application form by 50 percent with Avature and decreased drop-off rate.

KPMG logo.

39%reduced drop-off rates

CBS achieved a 39 percent reduction in drop-off rates with Avature and improved the candidate experience by 42 percent by using candidate surveys.

CBS logo.

A UK media company revamped its candidate experience with Avature. This includes sharing interview tips and behind-the-scenes videos to make applicants feel more comfortable and to give them a better idea of what to expect.

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