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A mobile in-store portal, displaying metrics and graphics about open jobs, pending tasks, filled positions and hires per source.

Why Avature In-Store?

The Avature In-Store recruiting solution, with its simple and intuitive user interface, allows your store managers to hire from their store locations with minimal corporate support. We designed the solution to help managers engage with a mobile-friendly workforce, hire and onboard quickly, and rehire top performers for seasonal roles.

We knew we wanted to create efficiencies and that the hiring process for new stores needed to be quick and efficient. We also knew that we wanted to lead with data, be diligent and establish benchmarks. With Avature this was possible, we were able to create a flexible model that we could apply to any store, and any market based on the needs of that specific hiring management team. The recruiters particularly loved the automation; it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire.”

Shanna Buxton - Talent Acquisition Manager, REI

A mobile store manager site displaying a list of candidates to review, and a mobile microsite containing a candidate’s information and status.

Store Manager Site

Store Manager Dashboard

Instantly view the status of all jobs and applicants, and pending tasks such as interviews to be scheduled and new hires to be onboarded.

Job Creation and Management

Create jobs from scratch or save time with Avature job templates. Oversee seasonal hiring and fill evergreen positions with multiple talent pools on standby.

Candidate Segmentation and Search

Screen and compare a high volume of candidates based on critical criteria such as shift availability or behavioral assessment score. Then use Avature’s one-click review functionality to move candidates forward or decline them quickly.

Automated Interview Management

Save valuable time on high-volume roles by using Avature’s auto-scheduler tool to eliminate the hassle of setting up interviews. Ensure a sleek and consistent experience for your candidates every step of the way with branded emails and portals.

Offer Management

View all offers pending candidate approval, start onboarding for candidates who have accepted offers, and review feedback provided by candidates who rejected offers.


Leverage personalized email templates to prepare new employees for their first day, plus share the onboarding schedule and employer branding material.

A shopping mall storefront with an advertisement outside showing how to apply for a position via text message.

Easily Capture Retail Talent In-Store

Walk-in candidates can be a great source of engaged talent for your store, but it’s easy to lose track of paper resumes. With Avature, you can activate SMS and QR applications, or even a fast apply app, ensuring candidate details are captured in your database. Speed up time to hire with smart automation that links candidates directly to pipelines and even kicks off the recruiting process without you having to lift a finger.

Avature's Store Manager app displaying a candidate’s interview feedback, and a second screen showing a summary of recruiting tasks.

Store Manager App

Give store managers on-the-go access to the Hiring Manager Site’s key features, even while offline: review candidates, schedule interviews, extend offers and more.

AI-Powered Career Sites

Give candidates an Amazon-like job search experience with personalized recommendations based on their CV, browsing history and geolocation. Avature’s AI-powered career sites enable you to engage candidates and facilitate their job search.

Some of the tools that Avature offers include map views to visualize candidates' commutes, easy online application with social media profiles, and SMS and WhatsApp communication.

Smart, Skills-Driven Candidate Portal

Deliver a streamlined application process for higher completion rates with integrated social profiles and advanced resume parsing capabilities.

With Avature you can give candidates a one-stop shop where they can track the status of their applications, create job alerts, update their information including their skills and those they'd like to develop, and receive recommendations for jobs and events based on their completed profiles.

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Boost your Recruiting Power with Avature

Candidate Relationship Management

Avature pioneered the first CRM for talent acquisition and remains the global market leader for sourcing, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement.

Applicant Tracking System

Avature ATS provides a comprehensive toolset to deliver innovative, digitally powered and fully bespoke recruiting services to the enterprise.

Employee Onboarding

With the Avature Onboard solution, you can combine a step-by-step new hire process with an engaging social experience that fosters collaboration and increased productivity.