Implementing Avature

Working side by side with some of the most progressive thinkers in HR, we have delivered over 600 implementations worldwide. We have a wealth of experience to share.

Our Global Implementation Consulting team is ready to assist in addressing your specific business challenges and translating your needs into tailored Avature Solutions.


  • Global and Multi-Language

    We can run projects from start to finish in English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin, with consultants located around the globe.

  • Governance and Compliance

    We will help you realize your business objectives while adhering to regulations such as GDPR and accessibility.

  • A Cross-Functional Team

    Different Avature specialists will help you in your journey: consultants, project managers, HTML developers, designers, data experts and more.

  • Best Practices and Bespoke Solutions

    You can leverage Avature’s best practices to get effective solutions running quickly, or take advantage of  full flexibility to make your vision a reality.

We Design Your Solution With You

Our Consulting Team is composed of solution architects, project managers, implementation consultants and associates. They possess real-world experience and a deep understanding of the configuration options available on the Avature Platform. They will analyze your business requirements, plan and manage your projects, and provide you with best practices from day one, significantly reducing configuration turn-around times. They will also coordinate the involvement of additional Technical Services resources, who will bring their expertise to the table: designers from our Studio Team, HTML specialists, data analysts and reporting experts.

Proven Implementation Methodology

Avature’s implementation methodology is collaborative and transparent. Consultants work in a sandbox environment that your project team can access at any time. The architecture of the platform is specifically designed to support live process modeling. This means that your data model and workflows can be built while in meetings, allowing you to not only visualize your design decisions but also run real scenarios through them.

Avature consultants can leverage powerful platform frameworks for reporting and creating web portals and mobile apps, to weave together sophisticated and branded user experiences for job seekers, recruiters, hiring managers, c-level executives and other stakeholders. All without forcing you to compromise your vision, ensuring implementation success.

Smooth Data Migration and Solid Integrations

No migration is trivial, but Avature makes migration manageable. Our consultants have deep knowledge of leading legacy systems and a vast experience in migrating data. All of this combined with Avature robust migration capabilities and highly configurable data model, make it possible for almost any incoming data to be mapped into your new data model.

We also understand that your operations do not live in isolation. Your consultants will help you ideate how Avature can integrate to your ecosystem to make the most out of possible synergies. The powerful Junction framework  provides the optimal technical tools to turn those ideas into integrations that work reliably.

“I love the Avature team. I had such a great experience working with them from day one. My implementation consultant was wonderful to work with. She answered so many questions, was willing to explain functionalities numerous times, and was always willing to talk through, and come up with, solutions for the processes that we wanted to have in place.”

Katie Eiseman, Associate Director, KPMG