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Candidate Relationship Management

Avature pioneered the first CRM for talent acquisition and remains the global market leader for sourcing, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement.

Why Avature CRM?

Candidate relationship management allows the best recruiting organizations to stand out and tell their brand story while nurturing high-value talent.

Avature CRM provides both sourcing and advanced online marketing in a single solution, making it easy to find and engage critical talent ahead of business demand and at scale.


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One of the most important things Avature does for us is reporting - we can now understand the value of each different sourcing channel. As a high-volume sourcing model, we have many vendor partnerships and it's very important for us to know in real-time how those leads are impacting our business, how those candidates are moving through our workflow steps, and what candidates are reaching the contract phase, and beyond.”

Jacob Dahlquist
Supervisor Field Recruiting Operations, Bankers Life

Marketing Automation at Your Fingertips

With Avature CRM, you can easily activate a multichannel approach to promote your employment brand, driving registrations and applications. Smart automation allows you to quickly design and build campaigns that resonate with your target audience, providing the option to measure their impact in real-time and optimize to maximize impact. When operating globally, Avature CRM offers the opportunity to approach recruitment market-by-market.

Harvest From Dozens of Job Boards & the Open Web

Using Avature’s robust WebSources interface, you can simultaneously generate and import leads from dozens of sites and automatically place them in communication workflows. Users can schedule periodic searches, ensuring that you identify and engage critical talent as soon as their resumes are posted online.

Import Candidates on the Fly

Avature has multiple ways of quickly adding candidates sourced from websites or resumes received via email to your pipelines, including a browser extension and simple drag-and-drop options. You can also leverage leads from your ATS system (such as silver medalists and prior applicants), events, agencies, referrals, alumni or internal mobility programs.

Leverage Advanced Recruitment Marketing Features to Attract Top Candidates

Customizable Landing Pages & Microsites

Highly configurable and mobile-optimized, Avature landing pages and microsites allow you to promote your employer brand and deliver targeted content for all your recruitment initiatives – such as veterans, internships and executives.

Email Marketing

Avature lets you build, share, reuse and manage a library of fully branded and customizable email templates. Combining Avature’s powerful audience segmentation and A/B testing with open, click-through, bounce and unsubscribe rates allows you to fully understand what kind of messaging works best for each candidate segment.

Social Reach

With Avature CRM, you can boost the exposure of your campaigns by posting your landing pages and job openings on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or even embedding your sites in your company’s Facebook page. Built-in campaign analytics will track of visits and registrations originating from each of your posts.

From Black Hole to Diamond Mine with AI-Driven Search

You can’t underestimate finding qualified candidates quickly. Leverage powerful AI algorithms to take your sourcing to the next level. Powerful matching capabilities automatically recommend qualified candidates or can discover hidden gems by searching your database using similarities within your top talent.

Semantic search enables your recruiters to search more intuitively and keep up with new job titles and industry-specific jargon.

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Engagement Workflows that Build Relationships

Nurture candidates with short, mid and long-term engagement strategies to grow your relationships until the time is right. Avature workflows can include condition-based actions, ensuring that automatic communications remain personalized and relevant.

Inclusive Hiring Starts with Inclusive Sourcing

Use Avature to integrate your diversity and inclusion programs into your TA vision. Our highly configurable CRM allows you to chart your business’ unique D&I journey and address specific challenges.

Our federated multi-site search tools allow you to source more leads from underrepresented groups on diversity-specific job boards. Showcase your existing workplace diversity through interactive career sites and content-rich audience-specific landing pages. Eliminate unconscious bias during screening by configuring hiring manager portals to hide personal information.

Leverage our advanced reporting capabilities to keep track of your D&I initiatives. Identify successful programs and opportunities for improvement and share progress with relevant stakeholders through dedicated diversity dashboards.

The Right Tools for Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Avature allows you to generate and maintain worldwide market intelligence critical to your business’s strategic growth objectives. You can use company records and organizational charts to map essential information about your talent competitors, such as team structures and hierarchies, expansion plans, acquisitions, and divestments, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Dashboards & Reports for Real-Time Collaboration

Slice and dice talent pools based on a combination of landing page metrics, email campaign metrics, portal analytics, and social media postings for an accurate understanding of your recruitment marketing impact and your pipeline’s health. Reports may be combined to create dashboards that can be displayed in any portal, mobile device or within the application to deliver relevant, actionable information for each role.

Painless Integrations

Use vendors from the Avature Partner Network of certified vendors, or bring your own. With Avature’s robust REST API, multiple vendors can be integrated, including applicant tracking systems, job boards and aggregators, SMS providers and video interview systems.

Mirror the Face-to-Face Experience with Avature Video Interviews

Incorporate live and on-demand interviews as part of your recruiting process. Fully integrated into your Avature platform, your recruiting team can review videos within the database, making it easier to compare and identify top candidates. It creates a smoother and more natural candidate experience without redirecting them to another portal or site.

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