Play the Long Game with Recruitment Marketing

Research shows that the best candidates in the market tend to be passive. They are comfortable in their current role and are not actively looking for a new position. However, 80 percent of both active and passive job seekers are open to hearing about new opportunities. Engaging with this hard-to-reach talent can be a challenge, but the key to conversion is to build a long-term relationship and convince them over time that your organization is the right fit for them.

Identify relevant recruitment marketing content for your target audience. Develop an engagement plan that takes advantage of your employer branding storytelling content, and automate relevant drip campaigns for different talent pipelines to keep them engaged over time.

We're changing our way of thinking. We've moved away from a transactional, one-time interaction with candidates, to fostering fruitful relationships over time with ongoing outreaches.

Marvin Smith

Talent Engagement Strategist

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Avature Advantage

– Add eye-catching content, such as videos, to your fully branded Avature email templates to maximize impact.

– Define how your engagement campaigns will play out over time with Avature workflows. With the candidate experience structured, just automate the process – freeing up time for recruiters.

Leverage your candidates’ preferred recruitment marketing channels. Engage your audience through SMS, landing pages, career sites, emails or social media to collect candidate information over time.

Posting jobs and skimming through resumes no longer works for the jobs that we have. You’ve got to go out into the marketplace and find [candidates]. And once you find them, even though you may not have an open job today, you need to engage with them, and you need to have the tools to do that. Traditional ATS systems are not set up for that — Avature is.”

Mike Brown

VP of Talent Acquisition Americas

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Industry Leaders in Action

Check out how Avature workflows have empowered these industry leaders to implement long-term recruitment marketing strategies with drip campaigns.

99%open rate achieved

A French food services and facilities management company has achieved a 99 percent open rate with its drip campaigns that it sends to segmented candidates.

Since it started sending targeted and regular email campaigns to its talent pipelines with Avature, Philip’s email marketing metrics have been almost twice as high as the industry average for open and click-through rates.

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Hiring 30,000 employees in twelve languages and 80 countries each year, Siemens decided to be proactive and partnered with Avature. It identified key profiles and built pipelines to send targeted campaigns.

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