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Achievement Unlocked: Success Is Just a Certification Away

Through our Avature Certification Program, get insider knowledge about our platform and become a confident expert user. With a continuous learning approach and a wealth of insightful resources, you’ll gain a deep understanding of all Avature-related features and skills.

Level Up: Something for Everyone

Just like we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for handling your talent needs, we understand that the same goes for training and certification. We provide a variety of different certifications for every Avature user. You can find more information regarding available certification dates here.

  • Associate Certification: for those just starting out or on an Administrator path, this level covers all the Avature basics, fundamental know-how and Administrator essentials.
  • Advanced Certification: for experienced Avature users and those on an Administrator path, this level provides you with a focus on processes. We’ll provide you with real-life scenarios and tips and tricks for leveraging system capabilities to help you maximize your Avature knowledge.
  • Admin Certification:  for those who are Avature administrators with access to advanced configuration settings will find this level highly useful. We’ll analyze end-to-end processes, troubleshooting and common scenarios you may encounter.
  • Subject Matter Expert Certification: This level may be of interest for experienced Avature Administrators responsible for adjusting advanced configurations. We’ll deep dive into system configuration, reporting and security to further your Avature knowledge. This level will allow you to be more autonomous when creating new processes in the platform.

Get certified in the full program or choose any certification level. To do so, you can validate your knowledge and experience and sit for a bypass-level exam.

We have incorporated new technologies to rise levels of efficiency. Users can discover interactive activities, discussions and new tools to simulate real-life scenarios with immediate feedback to boost their productivity and work more strategically than ever!”

Micaela Ruiz

Customer Training Lead, Americas at Avature

What’s in it for You?

Our level-based process will provide you with the opportunity to expand upon your knowledge of your Avature solution and much more:

  • Benefit from a flexible approach to training, combining virtual training sessions and self-study.
  • Acquire Administrator-specific rights to Avature’s configuration tools.
  • Receive a certificate, valid for one year, upon completing the courses successfully.

For more information about our Avature Certification Program, please contact or your Avature representative.