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According to Hubspot, your database degrades over time by an average of 22.5 percent per year. People graduate, change jobs, get married — and their emails change or fall out of use in the process. So it’s important to keep your database up-to-date and clean; otherwise, you’re reducing the effectiveness of every action you take. Your sourcing and recruitment efforts can only be successful if your talent pools and recipient list are top quality. Merge duplicate records, keeping only the most recent information on file, and avoid stagnant data by asking your database to refresh their personal details on a regular basis.

My advice would be: become a data hoarder and practice data hygiene. Having clean data that can be enriched and augmented as more data is collected on your key target talent segments is critical. One of my favorite sayings from last century - GIGO (garbage-in; garbage-out) - is especially relevant in the digital age.”

Marvin Smith Talent Engagement Strategist

Avature Advantage

  • With Avature Duplicates, you can define the criteria (e.g. name, email, phone number) and what should happen with duplicates: merge, create copy, do not import. You can even bring list counts (e.g. duplicates, people with missing contact information, people not progressed in more than x days) as key indicators for the Clean-up Dashboard.  
  • With Avature Portals and Portal Access Requests, you can invite candidates to update their information on a predefined basis, for example every six months. New information can automatically replace old details in their person record, helping to ensure you have the most up-to-date data on record.

Discover how these industry leaders are leveraging Avature functions to keep their data clean and relevant.

Cisco uses drip campaigns to ensure leads such as silver-medallists and eligible ex-employees stay warm. To make the most of this contact, this information is sent as a portal access request to encourage candidates to keep their information updated.

L’Oréal is using Avature to implement its data acceleration strategy. It is made up of four key pillars: data collection and maintenance, data leveraging, data intelligence and data hygiene. 

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