Think Outside the Box To Boost Candidate Sourcing Strategies

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LinkedIn is a great place to start, but everyone (95 percent) is using the social network as the starting point for their talent search. Nearly half (48 percent) only use the platform to source candidates. Get ahead in a competitive market by tapping into other, less frequented online resources. These often turn out to be the best candidate sourcing tools! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of industry communities and portfolio sites out there, such as Dribble and GitHub, so start thinking of different ways of sourcing candidates.

You won’t find all the profiles you are looking to source on every site, so do your research and work out the most relevant potential goldmines for you. The biggest advantage is that you won’t face the same competition as with the most popular job boards. You can also tap into specific sites that support communities, such as veterans, the unemployed and ex-offenders. A little creativity goes a long way to upgrading your candidate sourcing strategies.

One of the most important things Avature does for us is right away we are able to report on what is the value of the different sourcing channels that we have. As a high-volume sourcing model, we have lots of vendor partnerships and it’s very important for us to know real-time how those leads are impacting our business.

Jacob Dahlquist

Manager - Field Recruiting Operations at CNO Financial

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Avature Advantage

– Identify new talent across dozens of job boards, candidate sources and resume databases simultaneously with Avature WebSources.

  • Schedule night searches to have a fresh pool of talent every morning.
  • Right from the search results, trigger actions such as creating person records, linking them to a specific pipeline and workflow step or contacting them to start putting your organization’s name top of mind for these new leads and keep them proactively engaged.

– Give junior team members an edge:

  • Semantic Suggestions in Avature Advanced Search help by expanding their search criteria beyond keywords in multiple languages.
  • AI-powered Candidate Recommendations uncover hidden gems in your database by identifying relevant candidates based on similarities between a requisition and their skills and work experience.

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