We are always here to help you succeed

Boosting Early Adoption

Avature has a team of Adoption Specialists that are available to you from the early stages of your implementation. Working hand-in-hand with you, they will share guidelines and best practice on how to successfully introduce Avature to your team and boost adoption from day 1.

Working Hand-in-Hand to Ensure your Success

Once your users have fully adopted Avature, you will start working with a dedicated Account Specialist, who will accompany you throughout your Avature journey. Your Account Specialist will make sure your Avature solution evolves at the same pace as our functionality advancements, and will be there for you to provide one-on-one best practice tailored to your changing circumstances and objectives.

My experience working with the Avature team has been extremely positive. Every time that I need something, I’m able to reach out to multiple people to get my questions answered. Avature has been very responsive, and the most important part is they’re not only just doing what I need them to do, but they’re also having conversations with me to really help me figure out the best way to use the system in our organization.”

Cynthia Wehrenberg
Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager, Abbvie

Technical Support at Your Fingertips

Available 24/7, our Technical Support Specialists are always there to answer your questions and offer assistance, no matter which time zone you are in. They are capable of high-level technical analysis, and have a thorough functional knowledge of both the platform and the tools used to debug and monitor its behavior.

The people at Avature are some of the most interested, dedicated, and loyal individuals looking to improve and build the company – i.e. providing the right features in the right way to their clients. Avature customer service is absolutely second to none. I’ve never dealt with a customer service group that was like Avature’s… ever.”

Richard Monastersky
VP of Talent Acquisition, CBS