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Technical Support at Your Fingertips

When it comes to the success of our customers, no query is too big, small, or technical for our global support team. Whether you have a simple question about how our platform works, or something isn’t working as expected, our team has the knowledge, experience, and passion to assist you in resolving the issue at hand. Available to you through both our Avature Customer Portal and email communication, the top priority of our Technical Support Team is your success.

Our job is to ensure that your instance obtains the service objectives set out in Avature’s Service Level Agreement. The Technical Support Team will manage your reported issues from start to finish, providing regular updates, a clear escalation path, and a complete root cause analysis upon closure. All technical support cases are displayed in real-time on the Avature Customer Portal, together with a complete set of reports on open and closed cases. To meet the needs of our global customer base, support is provided in English, German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin.

The people at Avature are some of the most interested, dedicated, and loyal individuals looking to improve and build the company – i.e. providing the right features in the right way to their clients. Avature customer service is absolutely second to none. I’ve never dealt with a customer service group that was like Avature’s… ever.

Richard Monastersky
VP of Talent Acquisition, CBS

Meet the Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team has two roles: Specialists and Experts.

While Technical Support Specialists (TSS) focus on all of the functionality of the Avature system, Technical Support Experts (TSE) assist customers in complex matters pertaining to specific frameworks, modules, and services. Both are part of our quality assurance engineering group, and both have access to our fully integrated, real-time application monitoring system. In addition, a complete set of QA tools ensures that technical team members are positioned to quickly diagnose and fix problems so Avature users can maintain productivity even while troubleshooting.

When needed, our team can also copy your configuration to a QA environment for additional testing using our powerful automated test system. With unfettered access to our cloud operations, integrations, and development teams, our Technical Support Team is empowered to go beyond the simple identification of a defect, and set priorities for the expedited, agile and satisfactory resolution of any issues discovered in the investigative process.

Technical Support Process

Issue resolution begins with the creation of a ticket and case number in the Avature Customer Portal. If your case centers on technical defects, it will be investigated and resolved by a Technical Service Specialist (TSS). If your case requires deeper knowledge of a specific feature set or module with advanced problem solving, it will be escalated to a Technical Service Expert (TSE).

Although the most complex support cases may require the collaboration of additional Avature engineers, the Technical Support Team will remain your primary point of contact throughout the resolution process. Note that all cases will be tracked and updated in the Avature Customer Portal throughout the duration the resolution process.

Cases involving requests for additional information will be routed to the specific team(s) responsible for response generation. For example, certification requests will be handled by the Risk Team, while requests for financial documentation or information will be assigned to Finance. General questions about how the Avature system works will either be resolved directly by Technical Support or sent to your dedicated Account Manager.

Knowledge Base & Community

If you have a question about using the Avature platform, we have a wealth of information available to help you find the answer. In addition to an amazing and highly active user community, we also offer our customers extensive system documentation, “Help” guides, and a virtual Training Campus that is continuously updated with overview videos, solution demos, customer exclusive webinars, FAQs, and additional support articles.

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