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Technical Support at Your Fingertips

Available 24/7, our dedicated experts around the world are always on hand to assist you. Whether you have a simple query or something isn’t working as expected, our Technical Support Team is equipped with 360° knowledge of the platform, access to a robust application monitoring system and the tools to emulate your configuration in an isolated environment for additional testing if needed. The team can offer you support in a broad range of languages, including German, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

When it comes to resolving defects, Tech Support is responsible for troubleshooting functional issues, determining their nature and working towards a resolution – all while keeping you up to date with progress and recommending temporary workarounds when appropriate.

We take your experience very seriously, which is why we have designed a four-tier technical support model that delivers unrivaled service:

  • Technical Support Specialists
    With a deep understanding of your day-to-day activities, as well as the Avature platform ecosystem that you have built with us, our specialists are your dedicated partners for success. They are poised and ready as the first port of call to identify the nature of any issues as they arise, as well as the most appropriate solution. Technical Support Specialists also take care of creating staging environments when further testing is required.
  • Technical Support Experts
    When you’re faced with more complex issues related to specific platform functionality, our feature-oriented experts work in conjunction with your designated Tech Support Specialist to resolve the underlying problem, leveraging their extensive knowledge to do so in a timely manner.
  • Technical Support Team Leaders
    We’re not happy until you are. In the unlikely event that an issue needs to be escalated further, our duo of Team Leaders – based in both America and EMEA – work around the clock to ensure its efficient resolution.
  • Technical Support Manager
    In charge of the entire Tech Support Function, our manager is also your second point of escalation should you require additional assistance.
The people at Avature are some of the most interested, dedicated, and loyal individuals looking to improve and build the company – i.e. providing the right features in the right way to their clients. Avature customer service is absolutely second to none. I’ve never dealt with a customer service group that was like Avature’s… ever.

Richard Monastersky

VP of Talent Acquisition, CBS

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