Take the Pain Out of Interview Scheduling

The interview stage is a major moment in the recruiting process for all stakeholders involved. Having spoken to hundreds of clients and industry leaders, we know that some recruiters spend two thirds of their overall hiring time on face-to-face interactions. The biggest hurdle is finding a time that suits everyone.

Interview scheduling technology can eliminate the laborious task for recruiters of finding a time that works for both the hiring manager and the candidate. This is a pain point that is exacerbated when it comes to high-volume recruiting. But there are other areas where technology can be a strategic resource when it comes to interviews. Instead of sending manual reminders, automated scheduling takes care of these messages.

Think about using automated text messages rather than an email for interview reminders. It typically takes a person three minutes to respond to a text versus three hours for an email. So it’s a much more efficient tool to kick the hiring process into gear!

Avature Advantage

  • Hiring Managers can use the Avature Interview Scheduling tool to show when they are available to interview candidates. Candidates will then be sent these time slots and can select their preferred option. The interview time and date is then automatically added on stakeholders’ Outlook and Google calendars.
  • Maximize events ROI by pre-scheduling time to speak to VIP candidates on the day. By leveraging Avature’s Interview Scheduling software alongside your recruiting or campus events solution you can ask event attendees to book a slot in advance.
  • With the built-in Avature SMS functionality, powered via your chosen SMS provider, you can send a short link via text to candidates with a link to your scheduling portal.

Industry Leaders in Action

Don’t just take our word for it! Discover how some of the world’s leading companies are leveraging Avature to take the pain out of interview scheduling.

↑30% interview completions

SMS reminders helped CBRE increase interview completion rate by 30 percent.

A leading US retailer has drastically saved recruiters time by allowing candidates to self-select the time slot that works best for them.

Delight Your Recruiters by Solving Scheduling Once and For All

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