Use Candidate Input to Measure Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net promoter score (NPS) is a marketing metric that measures the popularity of a brand and, ultimately, whether consumers would recommend it to a friend. More and more companies are applying it to their recruiting processes to measure the candidate experience as understanding how candidates perceive your employer brand is a powerful insight that all stakeholders can benefit from. 

Candidates are asked to complete a survey at certain moments during the recruiting process and the team subsequently receives a score on a scale from minus 10 to 10 ( -/+100) that signifies whether or not an individual would recommend your company to a friend based on their candidate journey. This is called the candidate net promoter score and means that your talent acquisition teams can quantify both hard and soft data.

Knowing this score is imperative in the quest to continually improve the candidate experience and show shareholders that you’re hitting the mark as an employer of choice.

Avature Advantage

Do you have your top recruiters identified from a candidate point of view? Create a candidate net promoter score survey with Avature Forms.

This will help you keep track of any gaps in your recruiting strategy. Display the scores you get from the forms in a dashboard for all to see.

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Industry Leaders in Action

Discover how these industry leaders are leading the charge by measuring net promoter scores as part of their candidate feedback process. 

The candidate net promoter score allows Deloitte to truly understand its candidates and applicants. It also empowers its business leaders to support the TA team as it works to improve the candidate experience. 

Nearly a third of Pepsico candidates are customers, so their happiness is pivotal. Its feedback form asks not only about ease of applying and room for improvement, but whether or not the applicant would recommend the organization. 

Measure Candidate Net Promoter Scores to Build a Stronger Employer Brand!

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