Build Your Data Model Based on Reporting Objectives With Talent Acquisition Metrics and Analytics

With so much data available, it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to deciding which talent acquisition metrics add value and should be reported on. So take time to clearly define business requirements and set reporting objectives. Are you looking to drive increased engagement with your recruitment marketing email campaigns? Is your focus on strengthening talent pipelines? Do you want to increase the quality of hire or cut time-to-hire?

A customizable report on email campaigns. Clear, live-updated data can help stakeholders assess their recruiting efforts.

Once all stakeholders have agreed upon actionable and measurable goals, build your data model to keep track of the necessary talent acquisition metrics and analytics over time. That includes having the right level of fields and the right level of process breakdown that enable you to capture the information and report on it.

One critical reason why we chose Avature ATS was to create a holistic data model that supports both the pipelining of prospects, as well as the handling of active applications. Avature is the agile and responsive backbone to our talent acquisition technology landscape, supporting our candidates, our recruiters and our hiring managers along the entire recruiting journey.

Sebastian Hubert

Senior HR Business Partner

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Avature Advantage

– Track progress over time with Avature Reporting and Analytics. It will allow you to:

  • Aggregate reporting
  • Set targets
  • Have a consolidated dashboard

– Tailor the data model to your business based on your needs through an easy-to-use UI that makes data accessible to all stakeholders.

– Pick from a wide selection of charts, including bar, circular, area, line, funnel, map, donut and bubble styles.

Avature Reporting and Analytics is simplifying things for us. It’s very impressive to see how our community has grown, to see our recruiters caring about data and wanting to know how they can get further with it.

Cédric Paillé

Digital Project Manager

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