Improve Recruiting Efficiency With Gamification

Once you have access to actionable data, there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to drive performance. Create leaderboards or reports that transparently show how colleagues are getting on and offer prizes or badges for those that are outperforming or forfeits for the individuals that are bottlenecking the hiring process. For example, you could reward the recruiter with the lowest time-to-fill record. Make sure that the gamification element remains friendly to boost morale and productivity rather than creating a stressful environment. 

Gamification can also be a very effective technique to encourage employee referrals, which in itself can help improve recruiting efficiency by providing recruiters with a rich source of candidates.

A hiring manager portal with data and actions to perform on candidates at different stages of their application process.
“Avature has opened up the lines of communication between the recruiters and the hiring managers. It has helped to streamline our processes, and I think that the fact that we were able to hire a significant amount of people, you can definitely relate back to implementing Avature.”

Tayler Berry

Talent Acquisition Systems Analyst

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Avature Advantage

– Create a leaderboard that shows any metric in real time with Avature dashboards.

Display reports on Avature portals for highest service delivery for busy managers.

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80Hours saved per week

Since implementing dashboard data reporting, Metro Bank saves 80 hours a week, because their recruiters no longer have to compile updates for managers. 

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A US professional services company gamified their employee referral program to increase participation. Employees receive points and badges for referring candidates. 

How to Improve Recruiting Efficiency? Discover What Gamification Can Do to Boost Productivity and Improve Operations!

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