Your Guide to Automation and AI for Talent Acquisition


Many of the administrative and repetitive tasks that burden your talent acquisition teams in their day-to-day roles can be automated using state-of-the-art technology. In this e-book you will learn what they are, how you can automate them and what the benefits of automation are.

The hiring process for new stores needed to be quick and efficient. We wanted to lead with data, be diligent and establish benchmarks. With Avature this was possible. We created a flexible model that we could apply to any store, and any market based on the needs of that specific hiring management team. Recruiters love the automation, it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire.

Shanna Buxton, Recruiting Operations Manager, REI

Learn how you too can:

  • Compare dozens of variables from thousands of resumes using Artificial Intelligence for talent acquisition
  • Provide your recruiters with quality candidate recommendations based on the needs of the role
  • Dramatically reduce screening time by allowing your ATS to figure out which applicants are qualified (75% of candidates are unqualified for the position they applied for!)
  • Ensure a top-notch candidate experience by automating communications
  • Build talent acquisition processes that are resilient against bias by combining machine learning, transparency and human intelligence