Get to the Future First: The Role of Automation

Many administrative activities that burden people in their day-to-day roles can be automated with current demonstrated technologies, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

The return on investment in talent acquisition is unlike any other, and maximizing the productivity of recruiters and hiring managers has the power of delivering benefits across the company. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with strong automation capabilities and augmented with Artificial Intelligence can be transformational.

Empowering Recruiters with Machine Learning

Identifying the best candidates involves comparing dozens of variables from hundreds or thousands of resumes. Using AI to provide recruiters with recommendations greatly increases their ability to compare candidates quickly and efficiently.

Screening Automation

75 percent of applicants are unqualified. Using automation, recruiters minimize the time spent talking to unfit candidates.

Candidate Experience on Cruise Control

The primary cause of a poor candidate experience is lack of communication. Applying is easier than ever, so recruiters need help from automation to keep in touch with the sheer volume of candidates.

Artificial Intelligence That Is Under Your Command

The best shield against bias in AI is transparency. Great AI solutions improve human decision-making; they do not attempt to replace it. With a white-box approach, your company is always in control of what is prioritized by the system.

reduction in time-to-fill

of screenings automated

reduction in cost per hire

The hiring process for new stores needed to be quick and efficient. We wanted to lead with data, be diligent and establish benchmarks. With Avature, this was possible. We created a flexible model that we could apply to any store, and any market based on the needs of that specific hiring management team. Recruiters love the automation; it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire."

Shanna Buxton

Recruiting Operations Manager