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When it comes to sourcing candidates to build a talent pipeline or fill open requisitions, there are an infinite number of job boards and resume databases out there to be exploited. But carrying out isolated searches across a variety of channels eats into recruiters’ time. Instead, tap into multiple job boards through a single interface that empowers you to pull in candidates from many sources simultaneously. As well as recruiting for high-volume positions, centralizing sourcing searches can help recruiters looking to fill evergreen roles.


Automation can drastically reduce time spent sourcing candidates, freeing up talent acquisition teams to focus on high-value tasks, such as deepening relationships with strong candidates. Schedule searches to occur automatically on a daily or weekly basis so recruiters can arrive at the office with a list of new leads to get in touch with. By automatically building a strong pool of candidates without any leg work, recruiters have much more time to spend on strategic activities, such as recruitment marketing.

Avature has allowed our recruiters to operate more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time with the candidates, and collecting valuable feedback from their hiring managers.

Brooke Glennon Associate Director - Recruitment Strategy

Avature Advantage

Centralize sourcing searches with Avature WebSources, a federated search interface that connects with over dozens of job boards and resume databases, designed specifically to facilitate high-volume recruiting. Avature WebSources Scheduled Searches allow you to program and save your searches on a frequency that you choose (e.g. nightly or weekly).

With Avature CRM you can also automate outreach to new candidates. Set up email campaigns that showcase your employer brand and encourage the individual to check out your job vacancies or share information about their interests or job status.

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100.000portal visits in year 1

A US telecomms company uses WebSources to run nightly searches and custom workflows to target VIP candidates. They achieved 100,000 portal visits in their first year – of which they hired 1800 – with this strategy.

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