Tap into the Power of Employer Branding Storytelling

Humans, by nature, love stories. And when it comes to engaging hard-to-reach talent there’s no better way than by giving them a sneak peek into what it’s really like to work for your organization by sharing real employee stories. Rather than just sharing job alerts and company news, ignite the interest of potential future employees by sharing content that demonstrates your company culture in action, interviews with colleagues, the things to do and places to go around your office location or invite them to an event – all of which you can do with the right career marketplace.

Video is the most powerful channel to bring this to life (and it doesn’t have to be a professional production, sometimes low-tech videos are much more authentic and powerful), and “A day in the life of…” blogs and other formats are also great options. Boost engagement by creating talking points. For example, leveraging polls and surveys on social media. Go back to your candidate personas and consider what motivates the audience you’re trying to target, then get creative by delivering content that taps into those drivers.

The Great Resignation has brought on a new wave of candidates that are more empowered than ever to talk about topics such as diversity and inclusion, so that is something that they expect any potential employer to be open about on their career site.

Quality content is key, making sure we are capturing the true work culture and finding new ways to engage with the audience. Local content beats global content. We will continue with that effort.

Dalhia Rodriguez

Employer Brand and Social Media Lead

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Avature Advantage

– Share content via Avature email templates: fully branded and personalized for specific audiences.

Build fully branded career sites, landing pages and microsites with ease and showcase your powerful culture content.

– Create drip campaigns to keep different candidate pools warm with communications targeted at their interests. Trigger different content depending on their actions, for example if they open an email or click on a link.

– Build fully branded career sites, landing pages and microsites with ease and showcase your powerful culture content.

  • The Portal Content Editor enables users to update content on their career sites (or any other portal) in real-time, with no coding or technical skills required.
  • With the Landing Page Builder, any approved user can create impactful landing pages for different initiatives, such as recruiting events. The intuitive UI is easy to use and requires no specialist skills.
  • The Avature Theme Builder for Landing Pages puts the power in users’ hands to create as many different themes as they like for landing pages. These could be for different audience segments, such as veterans or students, seasonal campaigns, diversity campaigns for events such as International Women’s Day, Black History Month or Pride, just to name a few examples.

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ABB doubled its LinkedIn Talent Brand Index by launching a branded talent portal to grow its talent pool. Its strategy included segmentation, customized email templates and more social media presence.

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2.6Mpeople reached in two months

An organic social media campaign designed to increase the visibility of the Dell brand in Latin America reached 2.6 million people in two months, which results in 112 new candidates in its Avature CRM.

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