Deliver Timely Interview Feedback and Don’t Ghost Candidates

One of candidates’ biggest pet peeves is not knowing their application status. The hard truth is that they would rather be rejected than ghosted. Leaving candidates in the dark can also have a negative impact on both your consumer and employer brands. Candidates who have a bad candidate experience tend to take their business elsewhere.

The beauty of HR technology is that you can automate and personalize these responses so that candidates can feel in the know despite the uncertainty of a job application. Advise candidates of the different stages in your recruiting process from the start to set expectations from the get-go. Then make sure that you communicate throughout. Not just if candidates haven’t been successful, but if there are delays or recruiting has been put on hold too.

Candidates are asking for interview feedback so give it to them. If you don’t have the resources to do so for each individual, you could create personalized but automated interview feedback emails. That way candidates are kept in the loop without burdening recruiters.

You could even go one step further!

  • In Australia, L’Oréal brand, Kiehl’s, sends vouchers to candidates rejected after the interview process to say: “We appreciate you taking the time to come and meet us. Thank you.”
  • Baloise does something similar, sending “So Sorry!” chocolates to unsuccessful candidates.

This type of initiative can not only help protect your employer and consumer brands but actually boost perceptions and desirability.

Eighty-one percent of candidates say that the main thing that would greatly improve their overall candidate experience is employers continuously communicating status updates to them.

Accurate, 2019

Avature Advantage

– Record feedback in a consistent way with Interview Feedback Templates & Forms.

Keep candidates in the loop during your entire recruiting process. Use Avature Workflows to:

  • Define your communications for each stage.
  • Set actions that trigger specific emails or steps.
  • Let automation do the rest.

– Create a library of email templates with pre-approved messaging to save recruiters time and protect your employer brand. Keep these comms personalized with:

  • Email variables: replace generic information with specific details such as [PersonFirstName] or [PositionTitle] from the Avature platform.
  • Avature variants: allow further personalization like localization, delivering content in a candidate’s preferred language or different templates according to step, department or interests.
  • Theme Builder for Emails: a soon-to-be-released CMS feature that will enable you to design dedicated themes for your email communications with no coding skills required.
Automation doesn’t have to be as impersonal as people assume it will be. Candidates would rather hear something…anything…from you than nothing. The online application process for job hunters is lonely, frustrating and people can feel that they’ve thrown their resume into the abyss. Communication is always appreciated. It’s a morale booster.

Allison Thomas

Talent Acquisition Recruiter

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